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Meet Robert Charles, the Online Consultant Who Helps Agencies & Business Owners Scale Past $15k per Month

Are you wondering how you can scale your growing business? Well, scalability is the ability of a business or company to sustain its performance concerning efficiency and profitability when increasing its sales volume. Besides, for your business to scale, it must have the capacity to grow. Therefore, in this article, we feature the story of Robert Charles, who helps business owners and agencies to scale their businesses past $15k per month.


Who Is Robert Charles?

Robert Charles is a digital marketer and an online consultant specializing in growing online businesses with paid traffic and automated technology. He helps agencies and consulting companies generate leads and build their brand. He is the president of Robert Charles Consulting LLC. He helps coaches, agencies, B2C businesses generate consistent new students in less than a month. Moreover, Robert is obsessed with entrepreneurship and likes building things as well as solving problems. He educates people all over the world on how to build their businesses online. Furthermore, he has various one-on-one coaching programs to teach his students how to grow their outstanding businesses.


Robert is from Houston, Texas. His mission is to help business owners profit wildly through digital marketing. Most of his clients benefit from his teaching about entrepreneurship and online strategies to use to scale their businesses. The serial entrepreneur educates people on how to reach the potential audience out there. His company, Robert Charles Consulting LLC  helps in social media management, Facebook advertising, Facebook reviews, and website design. It also offers automation services and sales funnels to different people.


See Challenges As Opportunities

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Do you know that the challenges you encounter in business/life are great opportunities? Well, a lot of people tend to think that challenges are the causes of failure. However, if you are a determined person and a high achiever, you will always see challenges and failures as opportunities to grow. Therefore, the best thing to do is focus on pursuing your goals, meaningful achievements, and success. Besides, your hard work and commitment should go hand in hand with the effort you make. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, always remember that good things do not come easily, and success is not a guarantee; you must work for it. 


Robert knows that every business has its challenges. Therefore, he says that the main reason why many businesses and agencies are stuck below 10k per month is that they allow their challenges and failures to overcome them. After all, every entrepreneur’s dream is to grow his/her business to a 6 figure, so do not allow your challenges to challenge you. Besides, it would be best if you took responsibility for your success and always seek to improve your skills and the quality of your work.


How Robert Helps Agencies Scale Past $15k Per month

Robert helps many agencies and business people know themselves, get out of their comfort zones, and start working hard. He says that there are no limits to what one can accomplish since the only limits that can hinder you from achieving success are your thinking limits. Besides, Robert helps businesses and agencies generate leads and increase their monthly revenue with paid traffic and automated technology. Moreover, he teaches how you can generate compatible new clients and become hyper profitable within 21 days. He uses a three-step process to educate about being hyper profitable.


The first step is to make sure the owner masters a service instead of a niche for his/her service to be sold worldwide. The second step is coaching the business owners on profitable but economical methods of advertising on Facebook. This step allows the business to produce 10-15 leads a day ready to compensate for their services. The last step is helping the business owner build a team of overseas VA’s for $3-$4/hour for the person who completes the work. This step helps the owner sell more jobs and allows the business and the agency to scale very fast.


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Don’t be left behind! Scale your business and generate more income every month. For more information, reach out to Robert through his website HERE


Sergio Centeno
Written By

Sergio Centeno is the Founder of Influencer Clout, a digital marketing agency that has worked with clients like Jason Capital, Ryall Graber, Shawn Henry and more. He is a PR & Branding expert that helps brands and business owners establish credibility and awareness in the online space. He has consulted many major brands and entrepreneurs with growth strategies that have created world-class brands on the internet. He’s worked with numerous influencers with over 1M followers and many clients worth well over $100M; Sergio is known as Mr. Clout for the skills that he brings in building awareness in the online space. He can be found on all social media platforms @imsergiocenteno

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