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Meet Interior Designer & Landscaper Aishwarya Dange and look inside her little glamorous decorating book.

Aishwarya Dange
Interior Designer : Aishwarya Dange

                                  Who Is She :

Aishwarya Dange

Interior Designer : Aishwarya Dange

Young adults today, have been exploring home décor ideas, with a newfound love for it. Wallpapers, wall-hangings, lightings, flower-pots, paintings, among others, have gained popularity among people, who like to do their own home interiors. Among them is Aishwarya Dange, who has always been interested in how lighting can grace a space, and uplift a person’s mood, even as a child. Now, years later, the 21-year-old artist-turned-interior designer entrepreneur offers end-to-end lighting consultation and layouts for commercial and residential spaces at affordable prices.

Journey :

She grew up painting and create something out of waste materials. Hence, it was only natural for her to pursue a Bachelor’s in Interior Designing from Aditya College of Architecture in Mumbai, followed by various certification courses in Architectural & Interior Designing at Mumbai. While working on a project as a freelance designer, Aishwarya was looking to get a light fixture made and could not find it in the market. As an architect and designer, Dange saw how lighting highlights and shapes spaces, and impact people psychologically as well. According to her, not many recognised this, and finished the construction of the house, keeping installations of lights at the end!

According to Aishwarya, she prioritises eco-friendly solutions through energy conservation. The practice includes leveraging as much natural light, using LED lights over halogen bulbs, and integrating automated lighting systems. This helps build smart home systems, while also regulating energy consumption and controlling the carbon footprint of the building, she adds.

What’s her style?

Influenced by cross-cultural heritage, it fuses Scandinavian simplicity with the warmth of contemporary Asian style – you won’t find loud colours in her designs, which are all about refined neutrals, wood and materiality. ‘I try to find a balance between key elements like masculine and feminine, old and new,’ she says. ‘I also love to use a lot of natural finishes, warm colours and atmospheric lighting. For me, there has to be a rhythm of bold, elegant, soft and strong.’

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She says:

‘It’s usually either the client’s personality or the challenge of the location that attracts me to a project.


As my projects are spread all around my city, I often come across local suppliers or antiques dealers as I travel or explore places. When i visited Chandigarh last year, I discovered something really beautiful, where I bought a beautiful white fibreglass and black metal floor lamp. It looks like a flower crossed with a piece of Chanel jewellery. The store is also seemed to great for vintage doors, hardware and kitchen and bathroom fittings.

What is she currently working on?

A couple of residential projects in Mumbai and As well as her own studio freelancing projects, Dange  has her own way when it comes creativity and her work with time-efficiency seems to be more fabulous.

Layering with unique pieces is very important for me, in order to add an element of storytelling – anything that evokes nostalgia, craft and effortless style, I find compelling!

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