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Md Yeasin Arafat: An Artist With Success Insight

Md Yeasin Arafat is a musical artist from Bangladesh with a wide range of music genres. Yeasin Arafat best known for his song “Toxic in the air”. His genre is based on different cultures which reflects the diversity of the world.

Md Yeasin Arafat Born in Feni,Chittagong,Bangladesh.He have been based in Sonagazi for the past decade. His sound is a blend of traditional Eastern music with Western pop and folk.

Md Yeasin Arafat is a musician and songwriter based out of Bangladesh.He produce and write music and share it with the world. He is a world-renowned artist with an incredible passion for music and the arts. He has been singing and performing since he was a young child. His deep love and appreciation of music has evolved into a powerful voice.

Md Yeasin Arafat released his first song “Toxic in the air” in Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Shazam and many others music streaming platform.

Md Yeasin Arafat is the Founder and CEO of “ShopnoJatra Foundation”. ShopnoJatra Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

Md Yeasin Arafat’s dream is to achieve everything he desires. His journey through Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing is inspiring. Even after being at the peak of success,Md Yeasin Arafat is still striving hard. It might get challenging for him to stay up with the growing competition, but we will say that his wisdom will never allow him to offer up.

Md Yeasin Arafat said that, “My music is a reflection of my life. I’m a singer, songwriter and producer who started from the bottom up.”

Besides being a musician, Md Yeasin Arafat is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a freelancer. From an early age, he has left his mark on the national and international stage. He is one of the top digital marketers.

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At this point of life Md Yeasin Arafat is successful but there is a lot more to achieve and his dedication will help him to succeed. The company had more than fifty clients on its very first day. With the passage of time the company is becoming better. The main motive of the company is to help people to get closer to their goals. ShopnoJatra Foundation Digital Media continues to help people through its services and today it has become the voice of Entrepreneurs. Md Yeasin Arafat has worked really hard to make ShopnoJatra Foundation Digital Media what it is today and he will keep working hard to make it even better. The journey isn’t easy but Md Yeasin Arafat experiences will guide him to success.

Md Yeasin Arafat is the role model of millions of youth today. He has made a place in everyone’s heart through his work. He has been very active since childhood. Even though he is a child of a middle-class family, today he is representing his country at the international level with his talent and labour. Truly today he is a true inspiration.

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Jhon Shane
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Jhon Shane, International Media Journalist.

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