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Meet The TikTok King Mayur Patil Setting The Media Industries Ablaze


The Alpha Generation moves crazily through advertisements in the form of full-screen video, in-feed video, or branded hashtags. Most would definitely agree that the internet’s meme culture is taking the highest pace in the innovation world. Even more enticing is that TikTok is the beast behind the rapid change and growth of video content in social media. The strategic approach has curved along with the creation of brand awareness, production of organic material, expanding the client base in different platforms, and having a direct connection to the target audiences.

Let’s Meet Mayur Patil

A twenty-one-year-old student, pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Purdue University, bumped into an opportunity to lead the growth and strategy at 10PM Curfew, a cross-platform females fashion & beauty network founded by Bella Thorne. Mayur Patil excelled in his tasks, and within less than five months, he managed to build two TikTok channels, @Style and @Girls, to over 5.6M followers each. Besides that, he built an SMS line from 0 to over 172k female contacts in one month at 10PM Curfew. He later extended his career growth after joining Bustle Digital Group to lead growth & strategy for all of its brands across TikTok. Now, many are wondering, how exactly was he able to find such great levels of success. Well, lucky for you Mayur himself wants to share those tips with you here. 

What Strategic Approach Did He Implement?

1.Creation of Brand Awareness

While surfing the web or scrolling through social platforms, have you ever stumbled upon an intriguing advertisement that made you want to dig into finding more information about it? If you are looking for a sure-fire way to grow your brand awareness, Mayur knows firsthand how social media has created a vast opportunity to do so. The unique combination of skills in creating your advert will tempt your viewer to click that link to your site. A combination of multiple platforms also makes it easy to spread the vibes and create a great platform to support your brand’s rapid growth.

It would be best if you created a unique touch right from having a bit with your local community, suburb, city, and country to the extent of going global.

2.Creation of Organic Content

Along with creating brand awareness, Mayur urges you to focus on the content, because this will be a driving force for success. Not only will organic content maintain an authentic audience base, but it will also allow for an expansion of the audience due to intrigue and interest in the content. The advantage of posting any organic content for free is an incredible benefit at the exposure of many businesses. The fact that you can connect with a large audience at no cost is entirely surprising. Having a combination of different social platforms to air your content leads to the double growth of your views. It indirectly leads to reaching many end-users.

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3.Growing Audiences on Different Platforms.

It is already well-known that millions of people are using social media platforms. So, the ability of cross-posting will enable you within a short period, to reach out to a larger group of viewers compared to using one social platform. In fact, as Mayur points out, your presence on multiple social platforms will create curiosity that will keep your viewers interested in following your posts, thereby enabling the natural spread of your content.

Additionally, it would be best if you considered how to use social platforms when targeting a specific location, gender, or age group when creating your social ads and posting organic content. Whichever strategy you use, be assured that it will direct traffic toward your page.

4.Having Direct Connections With Your Target Audience.

The use of multiple platforms allows you to have a direct connection with your audience. The benefits generated from great exposure spearheads the speedy growth of getting valuable insights. Moreover, getting to know your viewers better, customizing your products and services, improving your customer care services, and getting direct feedback from your audience about your business will help you further strengthen the connections you have developed with your target audience. Mayur considers these steps to be vital, for it is only with the connections built that your reach will expand.

There are a select few who are not social media fanatics. The best solution to still form connections may be to use SMS services actively. The use of short messages to drive more growth than any other platform has grown exponentially. Having content links in your bulk messages will also make it easy to attract more views to your site while reaching out to a larger population.

Kickstart Your Own Journey to Success

Did you know that social platforms have over one billion active users? It will be essential to boost your ideas with little cost to increase your profitability index. Amazing right? Follow the strategic steps outlined above, and contact Mayur Patil for advice today to kickstart your journey to success. The choice is yours, so do not hesitate to seek the best support to find the most innovative solutions.

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