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Masrur Alam Mandal : An Islamic scholar and artist reviving the Peace

Masrur Alam Mandal is an Islamic star and an artist living in India, Born at Bongaon a city of West Bengal India in 2004 who grew up in the Village since childhood.


As a kid, he completed school from town school upto class 4. At that point he got admission into a madrasa namly Markazut Tahfiz International foundation, a world famous madrasa. ( Madrasa is that the living sort of an instructional exercise framework which flourished inside the past during this way , the madrasa training starts a social preparation which rouses gatherings of people that are sew related to the texture of culture to require part inside the strict, political, and progressive developments of the country) in Calcutta and from that madrasa he remembered the Quran.


He is a person of altruistic gift and almsgiving. He accepted that the significance and bliss of a scholar was in spurning of the earth and subsequently the joy of the spirit in neglecting common interests and segregation.


In the wake of completing his examinations from that point, he visited Bangladesh to study Islam more keenly.

There he study Islamic Literature and got Awards as an Islamic star through different associations in India and Bangladesh.


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Masrur Aalam considered ethical quality in light of the fact that the consequences of information and the presentation of bliss, and thought about no significance, regard and flawlessness for a researcher who had no ethical quality.

His dream is to be an Islamic scholar in the future and to spread the sweetness of Islam among the people.


As per Mansur Alam , Islam could likewise be a whole code of life. In case you’re cheerful, pitiful, befuddled or possibly confronting some very issues. Being a Muslim profound fix consistently accessible in Islam.


According to Masrur Alam Mandal there are various significance of Islamic quotes as well

Beautiful Islamic quotes about life and spirituality also help in positive psychological state . they struggle to market strength and resilience helping people to act in ways in which will benefit them in life. Counseling psychology also depends on Gratitude as an element of positive change in life. Beautiful Islamic quotes also tell us how Islam teaches people to be grateful. The concept of Gratitude (Shukr) has inverse relation with psychological problems like depression, stress and anxiety.


Mansur Alam Mandal versed that from the Quraan also are obtained by scholars as solution for various psychological state concerns. One such beautiful Islamic quote mentioned from the Book which says “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and being overpowered by men.” this is often a well-liked Dua suggested for anxiety, sadness or depression.

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Hadiths are saying from Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) delivered for Islamic guidance to people. they assert regardless of what we face in life, there are always solution and guidance through The Book (Quraan) and therefore the Messenger (S.A.W). Islamic quotes about life suggest Unity in Mankind. Islam doesn’t propagate any quite Racism. In Islam there’s just the concept of Ummah i.e. community an there exist no hierarchy and classism

Saadath Mohi-ud-din
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