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Marko Filipovic On his Journey to Help Entrepreneurs Build 6+ Figures brands

Many people have ambitions and dreams to build their own 6+ figures brands, live a life of freedom, and attain success. However, entrepreneurship has become a game where how much you are worth is dictated by how much you have. This is why it is refreshing to see a man like Marko Filipovic, who is proving that you do not need a ton of money before you can build a successful 6+ figures brand online.


Falling in Love with Entrepreneurship

Marko runs Golden Gate Growth Agency, where he specializes in helping people grow their audiences, get online exposure, and build the credibility that they need to build 6+ figures online businesses and brands within their budget. However, Marko did not set out to become the agency owner he is today. 

Marko moved to the US in 2019 to pursue his passion for magic. He soon realized there are so many people who are in the Instagram business purely for profit. The dominance of this class of individuals in the industry means that new people who are starting out and don’t have lots of money to invest are at a big disadvantage to push their dreams to come true. He decided to start his agency to help people at any level to reach their goals as entrepreneurs.


Building Legacy on Connection

Success does not come on a platter of gold, and like most people, Marko has had his fair share of obstacles while building his agency from the ground up. 

“ When I started my agency at the beginning of 2020, I had a hard time making sales,” Marko shares. “ I didn’t have any money to invest in myself and many people doubted my credibility.”

All these challenges made it difficult for Marko to grow and scale, but in the end, he kept a firm belief in what was most important- delivering results.

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“There are so many entrepreneurs in the world. Out of all of those people, only a few manage to reach their dreams. The others fail to because they lack social influence and credibility. Now if I can talk to people, make those connections and help them build 6+ figures brands and see them succeed, well then that’s what I would love to do.”


Changing Lives

Marko has invested heavily in his own growth, growing his credibility and working with several notable mentors and coaches. With his vast experience, he has heavily boosted his sales, built his network in the IG industry, and helped several of his clients to skyrocket their brands purely through social media influence. 

Marko credits his success to his ability to connect with people.

“I have a very open personality which helps me connect with all types of people. I have always been able to read the person and adjust the way I talk to them.”

Indeed, possessing this kind of flexibility can help any would-be entrepreneur to thrive in the cut-throat business world. Beyond that, Marko has some valuable advice for anybody trying to grow and thrive in any area of life;

“Never stop trying to get to your final goal. When you are about to give up, just remember why you started this journey in the first place. The power of manifesting is very real. Try to feel as if you have already achieved your goal and that will show you again why it was so important for you. That will keep you going!”


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Zulaikhah Agoro
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My name is Zulaikhah, helping entrepreneurs use their personal stories to increase their income and expand their brand visibility Mail me at [email protected]

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