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Manufacture Spend Successfully With Creative Real Estate Investor

About Brandon Elliott

Top 100 in Finance of 2020, Brandon is a leading authority in real estate and credit. He is experienced and has proven results utilizing credit to invest in real estate and implement the “BRRRR Strategy.” Brandon owns several thriving businesses that include real estate, credit repair, tradelines company, Walmart Automation Stores, private mentorships that include high profile students like former NFL player Dean Rogers, Terry Thayer, and Nick Perry. Before Brandon even started, he dedicated two years of learning as much as he could on real estate- reading books, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and even investing in mentorships all while working two restaurant jobs back-to-back. After saving just $35,000 and with the extra help of credit, Brandon purchased his first rental property back in 2015. Brandon’s real estate portfolio has 20+ plus doors which consist of residential multifamily that is 2,3, and 4 units. Currently, Brandon just acquired a duplex and is doing a ground-up construction, adding 2 ADU’s in the back turning into another 4-Plex. Being able to be financially free and witnessing the abundance of opportunities that both credit and real estate has given him, Brandon is passionate about helping others do the same which led him to host a weekly podcast called “Ready. Set. Go. REI” sharing how to invest in real estate successfully with little to no money in various strategic ways every Monday. From the credit knowledge taught in “Credit Counsel Elite,” Brandon was able to liquidate over $200K for a safety net when purchasing a 4-PLEX in one of the most desirable locations in San Diego during the pandemic. 


MS Technique

Manufacture spending, also known as MS, is a savvy technique to earn extra points that can be converted to large sums of cash. MS essentially is creating thousands of points per day without incurring any expenses by using a credit card to pay for something that can be converted back to cash to pay the original bill hence getting points. Brandon Elliott has successfully used this method to MS over $17M plus and now teaches students all over the world how to do the same including credit hacks such as getting business credit lines with no personal guarantee up to 7-figures, free presidential suites, high-status matching, as well as even buying multi families using credit cards through his credit education company, Credit Counsel Elite. 


Do’s & Don’ts

When utilizing the MS technique, it is best to keep all of your receipts in a separate folder and track the credit cards you’ve used which can easily be done by creating a GoogleSheet giving you the convenience of being able to edit anywhere at any time. This is a great practice whether you are trying to MS small or big as an organization is a key to everything you are trying to accomplish in life. When it comes to MS, not all gift cards can be used for this technique so you must do your own due diligence or at least get educated by someone who has done it before, that way you won’t be stuck with them- wasting your time, money, and energy. One of the gift cards you can use is Simon gift cards which can be purchased at a mall or online. Before heading to your local mall, it is best to call in beforehand to make sure they do sell Simon gift cards as time is money and money is time. When you get the right gift cards and are ready to load, you want to randomize your numbers as much as possible. Let’s say you need to load $1,000 for example, instead of putting exactly $1,000 what you’re going to want to do is split it into two payments of $377.82 and $622.18, therefore, your bank won’t flag your account. If you want to go far and treat this professionally then partner up with friends and family. What that means is to build out friends and family credit profiles to have a wider arsenal of credit lines to keep in rotation while MS. The main reason for this is that you don’t want to go too heavy manufacturing spending on the limited amount of personal credit you have as this could easily throw up red flags with the banks which can potentially close your accounts. 

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Manufacture spending is a great strategy that can help you gap between your current or next opportunity and as a bonus comes with many more benefits. Brandon Elliott has profitably utilized this technique and now you can do so too through his education company, Credit Counsel Elite, where he shares over 6-figures worth of credit education to help you get on the fastest track to success. 


To learn more about building and leveraging business credit or improving your score, reach out to Brandon: 

Text “Credit” to (609) 231-9018

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @BrandonElliottInvestments

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