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Male CEO La Ngoc Hung 10x in the top 100 young entrepreneurs shares the secret to making billions from YouTube

By the time of 2019, La Ngoc Hung was an intern at a media company with the job of managing YouTube channels of online newspapers. This is also when she learned of the existence of a model called YouTube MCN (Multi-Channel Network), which has not yet appeared in Vietnam. This model acts as an intermediary, advising and supporting individuals to organize how to build content, maximize viewership, make money or sell on Youtube. The idea to build DIXO Network Limited and BAN Music Group also started there. This year, Ngoc Hung is also one of the youngest CEOs on the list of 100 young Vietnamese entrepreneurs in 2021.

“You can imagine if YouTube is a playground, then DIXO will be a tool to help you confidently score points more easily,” explains La Ngoc Hung.

Just like any other startup, the early stages of starting a business are never easy. After about 6, 7 months of operation, DIXO encountered difficulties related to cash flow. The whole question is how to maintain operation while the model is not large and the number of customers is small? At that time, the 10x guy started thinking about his customer file again, choosing the right audience.


“I discovered that in addition to individuals producing content on Youtube, there is another group of objects that are brands that produce tapes in the past. They also have a huge inventory of content to put on YouTube and audiences really want to see that content.”


So at the same time, La Ngoc Hung developed in two parallel directions. On the one hand, helping others create personal content, on the other hand, bringing the content of companies dealing in ringtones, ringtones, tapes, studios, etc. to YouTube.


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Especially for individual customers, the company does not build a separate DIXO channel but follows the foreign model: Each artist will have their own Youtube channel. At that time, this was quite a risky decision, no party dared to propose because this type of cooperation requires the parties to maintain relationships and have long-term investments.

However, thanks to these right steps, DIXO Network & Ban Music Group has achieved remarkable growth, expanding the range of partners.

Up to now, after 2 years of establishment, DIXO Network Limited and Ban Music Group are one of four partner companies in Vietnam recognized by YouTube. The company has supported the development of more than 100 content channels on YouTube with 1 billion monthly views, including many channels of famous artists.

Looking back on the past, 10x CEO affirms that success is when you know how to seize the right opportunity at the right time. In other words, “entering the market at the right time is a very important factor”.

In addition, finding the right companion is also an important factor. Taking a more specific example of this issue, La Ngoc Hung said that today’s young people are very active and confident, learning new changes in the Internet very quickly. However, for many of you, DIXO is the first working environment, so you don’t have much experience in behavior, don’t understand how different working is from going to school.

In order to manage and train to help them get used to the company environment, La Ngoc Hung has found more experienced people in the field of human resources to collaborate with her. This person both inspires, manages, and helps new employees get used to the working environment.

“My point is that no one is good at everything, especially with a startup, a young entrepreneur. One of the points to accept is that I still lack a lot, and the fastest way to make up for my shortcomings is to find the right people,” concluded La Ngoc Hung.

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