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Livia Devi, Helping People Shift Their Consciousness

Are old identities traumatizing you? Or are you just looking for new possibilities in your life, like bridging your business life and your spirituality? Look no more! You can shift your consciousness today and achieve your goals. 

This article takes you into the depths of how Livia Devi has been the world’s solution to creating an experience into a higher level of consciousness.  

Why You Need To Shift To A Level Of Infinite Possibilities

Livia Devi is helping people to shift their consciousness. She is taking them from one dimension to the other up to the 5th dimension. In other words, she is helping people that had been awakened through the dark night of the soul and is probably looking for newer ways of connecting to reality. 

Livia Devi is working to help them shift their consciousness to place them into infinite streams of possibilities and teach them how to become the co-creators of their reality and not live by default anymore. 

Additionally, she is shifting them into a higher level of consciousness after realizing that where they live is not only one reality and that there are multiple choices and realities and options. Therefore it is up to these people to choose how they want to create that as an experience for their life. 

Livia works with people worldwide who are ready to receive these codes, transmissions, and activations and shift their consciousness into unending possibilities. 

Achieving The Transition

As a trance channel for a 7 dimension collective consciousness from Arcturus, Livia is transmitting codes, technologies, and activations that go straight into the light bodies and physical body of the ones ready to receive these frequencies, helping them shift their consciousness and create new realities of more abundance, freedom and unconditional love.

Many people have testified that those transmissions are very powerful. One transmission is like 15-20 Ayahuasca ceremonies because it goes beyond time and space and goes into the quantum field. In the process, their consciousness is shifting, and they cannot go back anymore to old identities.

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These people, therefore, need to continue working in that reality and not look back to who they were in the past or their older versions. 

Bridging Spirituality & Business

The majority of the entrepreneurs that Livia works with already have businesses for themselves. Some of these entrepreneurs are already in spirituality, while some are not. Therefore, Livia’s mission is to bridge spirituality and business. 

Hence, her attention is to these people who are doing different businesses but are looking to shift into doing something more. For example, she is working with missioned souls that are creating and anchoring eco villages, new integrated and sustainable systems of living, new financial, social, and educational systems, a new emerging culture as a foundation of the New Earth.

An added advantage is that this visionary woman has a very strong business structure and good systems and can hold many people. 

For more information, you can connect to Livia on;




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