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Learning About Collaboration Through American Entrepreneur , Mobeen Mian

DALLAS, TX / July 2021 / – The #Focuseddd multi-media brand is a registered firm founded by Mobeen Mian, which specializes in videography, photography, customized clothing, sports sponsorships, event planning, and social media branding digitally. Every project the production company focuses on involves capturing uplifting and inspirational content in a person’s life that can be used to promote and spread positive messages to others. Through stories, interviews, and numerous media projects, students, entrepreneurs, artists, and even athletes have all been a part of the #Focuseddd ventures in multiple countries such as the United Kingdom, Middle East, and evidently the United States.

#Focuseddd is an American multimedia firm, that also operates with its clients internationally over social media, founded in 2017 by, and named after, Mobeen Mian. It is currently ran by Mobeen Mian. #Focuseddd generates over 30,000 impressions and new followers each month amongst its social media algorithms, having insights that range internationally across the globe. The three D’s in his brand, #Focuseddd, represents the desire, dedication, and devotion needed to achieve any goal we set to accomplish.

As of 2021, graduate student, influencer, and as some would say in his own city of Dallas, “Collaboration Mogul”, Mobeen Mian, mentions that his focus has been diversity since the start. “Getting content with motivation. Collaborating and networking with diverse backgrounds. That can be helpful for anyone in any type of work setting if their goal is to expand as well within their teams and organizations. With interviews, documentation, and branding, all being a factor, positivity can be spread in so many ways.”


Adamant about the future, Mobeen Mian, a 25-year-old, University of North Texas alumni, , and now Colorado State University master’s student, took social media, and combined it with creating motivational content for all. Being a youth coordinator already for non-governmental organization Minhaj Ul Quran International, founded by Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri, Mobeen Mian said his start in public speaking and motivation in connecting with others came from Qadri, learning next to him, attending his many educational seminars and camps internationally, including Al-Hidayah, which was based in the United Kingdom. With positive influences, it only led to inspirational moves, competing as a registered athlete for USA boxing, Mobeen compiled a boxing record of 22-8, thus winning the Dallas Golden Gloves in his prime. Having the business administration degree only improved his understanding on what was needed for his business ventures. With this, his experiences and projects in the past remained with notable individuals whom Mobeen grew up around, Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri, Errol Spence Jr, Dr. Ricco Wright,  Ali Al Qaisi and even his own father, Dr. Mansoor Mian, President of Minhaj Ul Quran Dallas.

Mobeen Mian is an American Entrepreneur, analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student, who currently supervises his multimedia brand, #Focuseddd, which has slightly over 37,000 active followers worldwide on social media and growing rapidly. He is a brand consultant who specializes in social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses. Mian founded #Focuseddd in 2017.


Under the analytic strategies of Mobeen Mian and to start within the city of his own, the multi-media firm, #Focuseddd,  has helped brand numerous social media accounts for local artists within the Dallas metroplex areas. The #Focuseddd team continue to promote “The Dallas Open Mic” show every Tuesday night in the city of Dallas, with Charlie Rihoo, who is the founder of the event, and owner of Rihoo Records. This event also promotes diversity, and inclusion, which receives over 300 weekly attendees and performers.

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In 2021, #Focuseddd was the first multi-media brand from Dallas to go on a promotional tour in other multiple cities, creating press in each city. This tour was formulated with the collaborations that entrepreneur Mobeen Mian had previously generated.

The multi-media team, #Focuseddd, traveled to New York City to meet and interview with the manager and owner of the New Black Wall Street, Dr. Ricco Wright, ahead of the grand opening of the gallery on May 27th, 2021. Customized shirts were displayed for the attendees, and news coverage was made for the event. Mobeen Mian explains that this was a follow up collaboration with Dr Ricco Wright and team #Focuseddd. In 2020, Mian, and team, produced a film of Dr Ricco Wright at his second gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The video itself reached a buzzing number over 10,000 views on YouTube and was during the political race of Dr Wright in Tulsa during the time as well.

With initiatives leading to only successful collaborations, the #Focuseddd promotion team attended ‘The Art Soiree” , an art exhibit hosted by Joshua Garcia of InspiredLBC at the Ice House Arts Complex in Long Beach, California and promoted their event digitally with pictures, videos, highlights, as well as interviews from specific persons at the event, including the Field

Deputy of Long Beach City, Dylan Nicklin. This event included promotion, news press, musical acts, and art pieces displayed by talent across the nation.

Explaining that his passion to work with nonprofits, youth, small businesses, and more educated entrepreneurs, Mobeen Mian goal is to create that diversity amongst him and his teams ventures.

Media Info:

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @focuseddd_

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Abir Khan
Written By

Abir khan is a Bangladeshi Journalist.

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