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Kushagra Anand is a 19-year-old business consultant and PR Expert

In this self-centered world, finding an altruistic personality is like locating J005311 in-universe the. But a thorough search has landed us in Katni, Madhya Pradesh to embrace us,  the 19-year-old prodigy of this era, Kushagra Anand.

Kushagra, since his early childhood, was crazy about tech things and always wanted to build his own legacy in this field. Rather than building castles in the air, the hustler started his long success voyage at a very young age.

Initially, there were little complications on his way, but every time he devasted them brutally, with his brilliant presence of mind and strong willpower. The champ decided to rather than following conventional methods, he will explore the social media platforms and would turn these so-called time ruining sources into money printing machines.

After ample experiences at Instagram, he decided to come up with something that not only boosted up his career but also helps the new upcoming young hustlers to showcase their flair.

And a remarkable step was taken in the digital industry when Kushagra established his very own article publishing company called Marketing Crown. And today, the marketing crown has transformed innumerable strugglers to present kingpins of their respective fields.

The man has become the voice of many young champs and also helped many brands to establish themselves in the market. When the whole world was trembling due to the covid wave, it was under the brilliant captainship of Kushagra, that helped many brands and many firms to sail their sales voyage.

Even, having his name in the list of top entrepreneurs of the nation at such a young age, he is a man of real humbleness. Anand is ever ready to help the new hustlers in any possible way he could. Even in his busy schedule, he manages to interact with people and one can easily learn many things from him by connecting with him on his Instagram handle @kushanand

From Times of India, Daily hunt, and other big names in the article industry, the champ is ruling over the web,  with this top-notch services and marketing management skills.

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All these are little sparks, he is fully armed with his new banger projects and the time is not far when these little sparks would take the form of a large conflagration.

Youngsters are always met with skepticism when they wish to do something ambitious. Their skills are often undervalued and not given their due credit. This happens because people mistake their young age for “inexperience”. 

However, nobody calls Kushagra Anand’s work into question. His work speaks for itself and puts him, leagues, ahead of everyone else. 

Kushagra Anand is a 19-year-old business consultant and PR Expert from Katni, Madhya Pradesh. His firms – Marketing Crown and Indian Crown Media are appropriately named, given his king-like hold over the young entrepreneur scene in the country.  

Anand works with brands and gives them insightful business advice as well as helps them grow through PR and social media. 

His influence is not limited to India, he regularly works with international brands – and his ingenious ideas help every brand across the globe. 

Anand specializes in press and publication – he also has ties with leading news outlets and helps his clients get featured in articles on reputed news sites. He also does artist and celebrity management and web development. 

He stepped into this field at a very young age. He had always felt strongly about being independent and became an entrepreneur to be his own boss. The success he has achieved is a pinnacle for many people, but for Kushagra Anand, this is just the beginning.

Connect him through Instagram: @thekushanand

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