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Khairul Alam on start-up of Fleet Bangladesh

Khairul Alam looses his father when he was very young., He had to support himself and pay for his education needs. By combining work and various freelance jobs, she realized that there is a huge niche in the market. Thirsty freelancers lack the right incentives and training to be truly successful. He founded Fleet Bangladesh, and Fleet Bangladesh has grown from ten employees to more than 1,000 employees in just a few years.


Which is more important to employees’ attitudes and skills? This is an old question. Finding someone with the right attitude and enthusiasm for learning is usually more beneficial than someone who may have a wider range of skills but is less suitable. This approach allows Alam to expand its talent pool and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh. Building the team you want will eventually build the business you want. From happy hours and karaoke nights to businesses (although these are the main benefits), it is made up of people you hire, whether they are contract workers or full-time jobs. Everyone benefits from a good teammate.


In life and business, you will always encounter setbacks and successes. These setbacks and successes will gradually fade over time, but time and energy can easily create processes for your company to offset time imbalances. And be cautious about what they provide to customers because they feel safe in the team. This stability will lead to better ideas and innovations, which will lead to a better future for your company. Adaptation, training and communication. In the age of COVID19, these processes and learning are essential to ensure that your entire team is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Freelancers often switch between projects and clients in their daily work. On the contrary, it will strengthen your relationship and bring better business results.


Fleet has created unique incentives for its freelancers. Functionality, iPhone, bicycle travel in countries/regions where bicycles are the main means of transportation, national tourism and entertainment activities in five-star hotels. Incentives differentiate Fleet from other private job providers in Bangladesh. Fleet rewards the parents of its 30 most successful employees through the Hajj Foundation. Although this may not be a major motivating factor in the Western world, it is very important for the staff, many of whom are Muslims. The parents of Muslim employees go to Mecca for a religious pilgrimage, which is a great honor for providing their children. Know what is important to your team.


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Fleet Bangladesh provides insurance for its freelancers and bonuses for teams and individuals based on performance. While salary may be a hygiene factor, it still matters. Treating people well and paying them well attracts and retains the top talent.


Fleet plans to establish 60 offices in 64 districts in Bangladesh, which will give them full coverage all over the city. Their goal overall is to offer the young, significantly unemployed generation in Bangladesh job opportunities. As Fleet provides services to over 300 companies worldwide, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, they feel confident they can change the current pattern of unemployment in this generation.

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