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Kevin Wessels of RevSherpas Shares What You Can Do To Scale Your Business

One of a person’s basic responsibilities is to earn in order to sustain their needs for their daily lives. Some study to become well versed with a profession and some start a business of their own. When it comes to entering a market, there are many aspects that need to be tackled and sometimes it is just impossible to analyze every little detail to create a profitable business.


Even without the COVID-19 pandemic, it is already challenging to launch a business, let alone sustain it. According to Fundera, only 67% of small businesses will survive for two years, 50% last five years, and merely 33% last a full decade. With those numbers, it is essential to identify what contributes to certain successes and failures of businesses that emerge in the market. 


Asking for help

Sometimes, running a business can be too tedious and overwhelming for just one person.  Rather than staying isolated or going around in circles, solopreneurs, and really any business owner,  must be open to seeking assistance from an independent business growth advisor that can improve and maintain the health of their business. In particular, management consultants have the experience and the industry-specific competencies needed to lead organizations to boost overall performance profitably and rapidly.


Addressing the problem

Oftentimes, business owners think they might have one particular problem and zero in on that. However, it is important to rely on the perspective of a third party to eliminate bias. Working with someone external to your firm, such as a business strategist, can help diagnose all facets of your business and take a more comprehensive, multifaceted approach to uncover areas of your operations that are leaking the most revenues and profits. In doing so, you will learn that, in reality, the root cause of your current challenges, pain points, and problems is not solely related to one thing. Rather, it could be an amalgamation of issues from different areas. With this realization, you will be able to address your problems at the source more quickly and once and for all. By partnering with a proven small business consultant, you can finally elevate your business to the next level!

Taking Action

Time is of the essence and there should not be any room or tolerance for underperformance. You have to be more efficient in managing your time to have better control of your business. This does not necessarily mean that you have to give up rest and leisure and put extra hours to work to garner positive results. Rather, you have to use your time wisely and put centralized, repeatable, and automated systems in place dedicated to generating cash flow and guaranteeing success for your venture.  

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That said, you have to build client-centric company cultures, improve sales and service rep productivity, increase client retention, and revitalize underperforming marketing and lead generation strategies to double revenues and create more consistent cash flow in a short amount of time without having to spend a fortune and exerting too much effort. 


If you are interested to know more tips on how to scale your business, you can reach RevSherpas to help you better position your business for growth or contact Kevin Wessels through:


Email: [email protected]



Phone Number: 8005691374 

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Physical Mailing Address: RevSherpas LLC 5233 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite B 351, Bellaire, TX 77401

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