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Justin Goff- How To Strategically Appear First In The Search Engine

Do you want your business to appear at the top of the search engines centered around the products and services you sell and offer? Of course, you do, everyone does. If you want to direct valuable search traffic to your website, then you have much work to do. One of the eye-opening things you will realize is the approach individuals take when searching for something online. Often they focus on the top of the list items with the notion that they are the best selection for the solutions they need.

Justin Goff is an expert in ensuring that your business will be on top every time a search engine is activated. How does he do this? Through the five critical steps of determining your keyword, optimizing your website for your focus keywords, developing an ongoing website content strategy, going after quality links and lastly analyzing, refining and repeating to catch the attention of the target market perfectly. Amazing right! Let’s break it down

Determining Your Keyword

Put up the right SEO strategy. Critically, layout how you will trigger specific emotions in your target market through copywriting and pull that string that will make people emotionally charged upon the solutions you have to their current situations. Build up a strong strategy, implement it effectively with a keen focus on the latest algorithm update to ensure you make necessary strategy adjustments.

The secret ingredient is to narrow the competition and relevance of broad keywords to include local terminology and unique combination of words for specific services.

Optimize Your Website For Your Focus Keywords

Once you have your strategy in place, begin implementing across your website. Ensure that each website page includes that critical optimization element that will enable the search engines to understand what each page entails.

At the back of your mind, remember you are talking to humans. Please take into consideration a user-friendly strategy and make it easy for your keywords to flow naturally but be mindful not to overload your page.

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Develop An Ongoing Website Content Strategy

Don’t let your website get stale. Keep your site fresh with catchy sound content while refreshing and updating every time to make it relevant. Include tools, resources and informative materials to keep your customers engaged while educating them with up-to-date information on the available options to choose.

Go After Quality Links

Activate your SEO strategy with quality inbound links. Obtain links from your vendors’ sites, and suppliers sites can boost the relevance of your website in the search engines. You can as well include guest blogs and articles and include an adequately placed hyperlink to your website.

To ensure you get a quality connection, evaluate relevant sites you want to connect to and contact their webmaster to give access to the link. Remember, less is more when it comes to linking and becoming relevant.

Analyze, Refine And Repeat

You are in a learning phase, and no man is perfect. You are bound at some point to restructure your approach to increase traffic. With cold traffic strategy, you need to review your policy analytically tracking the hits and misses. Focus on the keywords that are not creating more traffic and repeat the initial steps that brought more traffic previously.


Without proper metrics, you will often hit a miss. However, Justin Goff is happy to walk with you on the way to achieve better quality traffic through his expertise in cold traffic and copywriting skills.

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90% of internet users search online before they make an informed decision on whether to buy or not and where to buy. Justin is working with some of the biggest brands online, like Golden Hippo, VShred, Dan Lok, Paleohacks, Agora Financial. He has grown his own supplement company from zero dollars to twenty-three million-dollar sales in just under three years. Amazing, isn’t it!

Are you rethinking your ads and copywriting? I believe this article will serve as a road map for your focus on the steps that you need to check off. If you find yourself overwhelmed, don’t worry, we have Justin Goff to help you execute it. Never allow your business to be outmatched by others when you are an email away to your solutions.

Julio Martinez
Written By

Julio Martinez is a columnist at Yolo Daily.

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