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Justin Allen: Putting Da Attitude Into DA Method Apparel

As our readers will no doubt know by now, we enjoy sitting down and talking to successful serial entrepreneurs. Because it is interesting, and most of all, because it allows us to learn something, even if we are not specifically interested in that particular industry.

Justin Allen, founder, and CEO of DA Method Apparel, agreed to answer a few questions, for which we are grateful. One thing that inspired us in particular about Justin’s business, which proposes mainly to provide high quality gear and apparel to fitness enthusiasts and athletes, was the philosophy behind it.

photo credit: @framedbydavinci

When you enter the DA Method Apparel website, you are greeted by the following idea:

“There is a method and process in everything you do in life, as long as you hit it hard with determinate action you will never be dissatisfied with the results. The “D” stands for Determinate and the “A” stands for Action. “You as the determinate need to put the method into action.”

And while this is, of course, excellent advice for a sportsman training, or for a runner during a marathon, it’s also very applicable for us: any entrepreneur knows that the above statement is more than true, and has probably felt the need to hear such words more than once in their life.

Talking with Allen, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that this is his own creed in life and business. He is not only the founder of the successful DA Method Apparel, but also the man behind a multi-million-dollar executive security agency, which Allen launched in 2013. Furthermore, he also plans to open up yet another business, this time a creative lounge and relaxation bar for after-work.

photo credit: @iamkelegod

So, you have to assume that this go-getter philosophy has been somewhat helpful to Allen in his life.

DA Method’s motto is “hit it hard”, once again a great idea for any athlete, but also more than that.

“The meaning behind “Hit it Hard” for the brand, signifies that “once you run into adversity or a stalemate in life, you have to find a way to keep grinding and give it your all. No matter if it is positive or negative results you gave it your best shot and hit it hard in the process.”

At a first glance, this idea (also taken off the DA Method website) seems to have nothing special. After all, haven’t we heard the same encouragements and words of wisdom a million times over already? And while that may be so, it does not make the above philosophy any less true.

photo credit: @framedbydavinci

And what is more, it is not just empty words. By looking at Justin’s example, at all he is achieved in his career, you cannot deny he is successful. You cannot deny he is done a lot of things that many would-be entrepreneurs only dream of. So then, maybe this hit it hard philosophy is on to something.

Being a successful entrepreneur (regardless if you are in marketing or music or whatever else) is not just about talent or good ideas. It is very much about the effort you put in and the ambition that drives you.

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Barion McQueen
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Barion McQueen is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist with years of hands-on experience in helping aspiring startups pave their way to professional career success. He also serves as a real estate investor and business consultant who excels in the art of building positive brand identity with effective social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies. Barion is an avid seeker of knowledge and a zealous author/speaker who pens down his professional insights to direct aspiring young entrepreneurs.​

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