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Joshua Littlejohn: How Companies Can Learn From The Great Recession & Adapt New Strategies Today

Joshua Littlejohn founder of Norgress

“Companies will need to restructure a lot of their strategies if they are to continue with their operations,” says Joshua Littlejohn, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Norgress.

He further says that these new strategies must also be highly efficient and low-cost.

With many companies already declaring bankruptcy, some going private, and others being acquired, there is a dire need for industries to continue offering the best goods and services while minimizing operational cost. 

Just like with the Great Recession of 2008, companies will have to overcome the economic shock caused by the pandemic. The ripple effect of that recession is still felt 12 years later in some industries.

But a few years after the recession, 9% of companies did not only recover – they flourished, outperforming their competitors by at least 10% in revenue and profit growth. What about the other companies? What did they do wrong?

Littlejohn, who acts as a consultant, offering strategic advice to companies, first acquainted himself with technology at Carleton University, where he studied networking before transferring to the JR Shaw School of Business at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

His advice has been crucial in this pandemic where the whole world, but especially the business industry, has been hit hard. In some cases, the disruptions that have taken place are even more profound than those experienced in the Great Recession.

That is why Joshua is emphasizing that we can learn several things from the Great Recession and use them as a case study of sorts to help solve the economic shock caused by the pandemic. 

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Joshua is helping companies make some of their most important decisions. Decisions that will help determine whether they recover from the shock or be among the numerous companies that will be knocked out. He knows what the 9% of companies that recovered successfully and outperformed their competitors did.

“Companies are now being forced to rethink their marketing, customer service and operational strategies. The companies that embrace the best new strategies in this new normal will be the winners.” Joshua Littlejohn claimed. 

Joshua started his company in 2017 using $500 that he had saved while in high school. Approaching half-a-decade later, he has since helped companies boost their revenues by achieving operational targets and strengthening their client’s relations through marketing, support, information technology, and business services.

Throughout the years that he has been running his company, he has learned numerous things after working with everyone from young startups to top tier firms. His company has worked with many clients, most of whom are from different industries and sectors.

He has worked on contracts involving transportation, finance, foods, entertainment, and retail. During that time he has learned to study his clients.

“The nature of Norgress requires us to study our clients, learn their industry, and act as an extension of them. And because of that, we have a greater understanding of the world in general.” Joshua stated. 

Joshua Littlejohn along with the team at Norgress has had their share of setbacks, but through resilience and hard work, they have overcome. The founder has drilled in his team and his clients that nothing lasts forever; that fact has kept them moving, as they know that whatever troubles they may face are for a short time only. Joshua hopes other companies will adopt that mindset throughout the remainder of this year and for years to come.

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Stanley Gatero
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