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Jhansi Rani Vedachalam, The woman behind the brand Jiore Skincare

Jhansi Rani Vedachalam

The market is overflowing with different skincare products and almost every product claims to be the best in the market. But there is this one brand which proves that it is best for people and the brand is Jiore which was launched by Jhansi Rani Vedachalam. After working for Microsoft, Worldbank IBRD and other corporations, Jhansi Rani decided to quit her job and study cosmetology in Atlanta, USA. This decision of hers didn’t sit well with her parents but that didn’t stop her to follow her passion. She formulated a few soaps by using natural ingredients like chrysanthemum and lemongrass oil to cure her own acne.

She kept working on her products until she creates the Glass Skin Combo. She could see the positive result of her products on her skin after six months. Her skin became clear and this motivated her to make more products for more people by using natural ingredients. She started her Instagram page i.e. @jiore.official in no time and she started promoting her brand. She always make products by making sure that her products provides the best to her customer and that makes her a good and passionate entrepreneur.

Jiore is now one of the leading cosmetic brand in India online with a following of more than 500k following world wide. Jhansi Rani’s hard-work and dedication is the reason why Jiore has developed in the fields which concentrate on skincare, haircare and sun protection. In near future,Jhansi Rani has decided to packages which are eco friendly. Jiore’s main aim is to help people, especially youth to take care of their skin instead of using makeup and other chemicals which are harmful for skin.This brand also promotes women empowerment.

Around eighty percent of employees of the brand are women.They have a very flexible work hour.The brand makes sure that the women get access to equal number of opportunities since they believe that a working woman plays a significant role in education,health and wellness. It also helps those who want to start something of their own but do not know how to do so and this is one of the kindest gesture. They allow women to work from home so they do not have to choose between personal and professional life. At this stage they expect a better success rate since customers are happy with the products.

Their brand is basically a gender neutral brand which has soaps, toners, serums etc. When Jhansi Rani was asked about the expansion plan, she stated that “Our plan is to empower more women. We wish to work with entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and skills but they do not have the resources that they need.We want to help the women to be financially independent. We are also finalizing dealers with the North Indian states. We also have a plan to expand to 100 outlets PAN India in the next two years”.

Jhansi Rani is makes sure that she is always there for her customers and her team guide is ready to guide people anytime people want. Jhansi Rani’s pure intention is the reason of Jiore’s success and now it receives 5-6 amazing customer feedbacks on a daily basis. Her journey is truly inspirational.

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