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Jess Glazer Shares The Inspiring Story Of How She Became A Business Coach

Jess Glazer is a business coach who has helped dozens of individuals scale their brands higher and achieve unparalleled success in their industries. Recently, we had the chance to get on an interview with Jess. During the interview, she talked about how she got into the business coaching sector and she also shared valuable advice on gaining financial freedom as an individual.

Can you tell us how you got into business coaching?

I love this question because it was a complete accident! I spent 8 years working as an elementary school teacher and 16+ years working as a celebrity personal trainer. 

During my time as a teacher, I would train clients at nights and on weekends, which eventually led me towards virtual training. In 2014 I started building an online coaching business, but only as a “side hustle”. 

In 2017 when I realized that what I had could be something bigger, I left my teaching job, went all-in on my virtual business, scaled it to a multiple six-figure business, and then my trainer friends starting asking me “how”. In November 2018 I began teaching and showing my peers how I built my business. One friend turned into three and then seven. 

Before I knew it, we were meeting weekly and I decided it was time to start charging. By April of 2019, I left my entire health/fitness behind and decided to focus solely on business coaching, building frameworks, and scaling my process. Since then, I have served over 200 clients, helped create over 2 million in revenue for themselves, and scaled my own business to a million dollar per year machine. 

Can you give 3 actionable tips for new business owners who are just starting out?

First of all, I highly recommend that you niche down and earn your right to go wide. Become known as the specialist for one thing. The next piece of advice would be to mute people. One of the fastest ways to spiral into self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome is comparing yourself to others. Only in the last year have I started unfollowing and muting accounts (even friends) and I have to admit that it has been a game-changer in helping me keep my blinders on, stay in my lane, and remain true to my authentic self/voice.

Lastly, just start, it’s never going to be perfect. Take messy action and know that your ideas, clients, products, vision…it’s all going to constantly change and evolve as you change and evolve; as you learn and grow. So, just start now. 

Remember, 80% “perfect” and out into the world is going to be more effective than 100% not done because you’re waiting for it to “be ready”. Ask yourself, “Who are you robbing, who are you stealing from by not sharing your solutions and gifts?”

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What challenges have you faced in building your company, and in the present day?

My biggest challenges have been doing it all on my own until recently, burning the candle at both ends, and grinding as a side hustle for years before quitting my 9-5 to go all in. 

Currently, I’m challenged with a ton of ego work (feedback from clients, social media pressures/opinions, rejections, people asking for more, saying no, feeling like I’m letting people down, etc). 

Building a business is truly a rocket ship to personal development and I’m typically most wow’d by those challenges. Of course, now we’re focusing on truly expanding and scaling the business rather than just growing it, so hiring more people, hiring the right people in the right seats, investing more, taking larger risks, etc. 

Can you share the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

When making a decision and facing fear, ask yourself “What is the worst-case scenario?” For me, the worst-case scenario is often the place I’m currently in (hence why I’m unhappy and unfulfilled). So, if THIS is your worst-case scenario and you’re already living in it; why not try?

For anyone that has doubts about taking their business to the next level or investing into a business coach what is your advice?

I truly believe from personal experience, as well as working with thousands of clients that “people who pay, pay attention” and when we have a little “skin in the game” we’re more inclined to show up. 

That said, investing in a coach/program can feel daunting even seemingly impossible (especially at the beginning). But, one thing you need to zoom out and recognize is that most often the thing we’ve “been doing” isn’t working. 

As they say, “if nothing changes, nothing changes”. How can you realistically expect different results if you’re putting in the same effort? Now, what can a coach/program bring that you can’t find for free? Well, the job of a coach/program is to help minimize the amount of “mistakes” and the challenges you come up against. 

They can shorten the amount of time it will take you to get from point A to point B. They act as a sounding board and GPS for guidance. Why wouldn’t you want to learn something from someone in a 200-page book or 12-week course that took them 5 years to learn? Lastly, when it comes to coaches/programs, it goes back to this simple formula. 

Information + Implementation = Transformation  

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If transformation is what you’re looking for then there is a pretty good chance that the piece you’re missing is “implementation” or action. You see, “information” is everywhere. 

Free information is in your palm at all times. Everything is googleable. People aren’t interested in the “information”, they can find whenever/where-ever they want. I believe we’re suffering from INFOBESITY and CONSUMPTIONITIS as a society. But, where people fall short is the “implementation” and action is requires to get the result they want. This is where a coach/program comes in. They can help with support, accountability, and direction; making taking action and implementing easier.

So, next time you’re on the fence about investing; step off, zoom out, and ask yourself “What’s the plan moving forward if I don’t invest?”

Finding something you are passionate about is not easy. Tell us how you managed to find passion and what do you recommend to others on ways to tap into their passion?

I have strong feelings about passion, oh the irony. While I love the idea that we should all be passionate about our work, I am also very cautious with how I teach my clients to speak/think about passion. The definition of passion is: strong and barely controllable emotion. Therefore, passion is not something I believe we should build our businesses on. I want my business to be built on a strong, sturdy, solid, and reliable foundation; not one that can disappear or change in a flash. 

Humans are multi-passionate people. One month we’re into learning how to play guitar and the next month we’re taking adult paint classes. Why? Our excitement levels and interests are ever-changing. We’re ever-changing. Our passions are ever-changing as well. If I built/lead my business around my passions I wouldn’t have a business. I would just have a ton of confused audience members who weren’t sure what I was sell and to whom.

I believe that businesses should be built on PURPOSE and that purpose is something you are passionate about. See, every decision I make in my business, every course I decide to create, and pivot I make, it always goes back to my purpose and my mission. If I make all my decisions in alignment with my bigger mission/vision then by default, I’m always passionate about what I’m doing because it is serving the greater good. 

If you’re looking to find your passions or wanting to tap into your passions, I would encourage you to step back and think about the moments in your life where you felt in most flow, most aligned, like everything was just easy and fun. Work is still work even if you’re passionate about it. 

But, it starts to become effortless when it’s aligned. So, when did you feel like your highest self? When were things just falling into place? When did you feel like you were a ray of shining light? When were you working through challenges, but it was exciting and fun? Reflect on those moments and lean into what the common thread is between them all. Is it “giving” or “education”? Maybe it’s “leadership” or “learning”. Once you begin to see the coming thread, you’ll start to better understand the undying passion you have!


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