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Jay Jay The Motivational Speaker Who’s Changing Face of the Speaking Industry

What does a speaking career entail? With so many public speakers around the world, speaking on any topic possible, it can be hard to answer this question with certainty. Surely, there isn’t one best answer to suit everyone. In the case of Jay Jay, a magician turned speaker and coach, his journey worth reading. He is shaping the face of the speaking industry, inspiring us not only with his speaking but also his career. In this article, we will deep dive a little to explore how this force of nature is changing the industry.

Jay Jay is an international speaker and performance coach working with some of the country’s most elite entrepreneurs. He has worked with top brands, such as Mcdonalds, Virgin, Coca Cola, and Starbucks, and commands a following on social media. Earning over six figures by traveling the world and helping people win, he is changing the industry’s face.

Living his purpose

Purpose offers not only a sense of direction but creates meaning in our adventures. You have probably been stuck in your career before, but finding something meaningful can be satisfying. For Jay, people are his purpose. He has created his career around helping others win, and in return, he is enjoying every step of the way. Jay is full of energy to help people win by increasing their sales and social influence. He is full energy enough to supercharge you to greatness. Your purpose is your life message. What is that you desire to do to drive the world? Jay says he has always had a message in his heart, and the energy to share with others.

Winning by helping others win

Not very many people would agree, but winning should be about two people winning, rather than someone else losing, as a result of someone else winning. Along the way, Jay has received a lot of motivation from others to reach his success levels. By speaking to others and learning from them, their inspirations motivate him to learn more and better himself. Through helping others win, he is also winning. People are his passion and has carved a career for himself by doing what only comes so naturally to him. Our lives are going to find lasting significance in how we choose to live them, and how we enable others to live theirs.

Training and speaking

Every speaking opportunity is a chance to solve a problem that the listeners have. To inspire, motivate, help them focus and channel their energies. It is how Jay lives his dreams. By adding value to the lives of his audience. He is committed to making a difference by providing valuable guidance and direction. Jay is your number one wingman to guide you to success. Using his experience in speaking to help your brands choose the right message and position themselves effectively. Important, reinforcing the message that it is more about others than about yourself. And by making an effort to help others win first, there is no limit to growing your brands.

Building a brand

Jay has learned through his career that speaking is about choosing the right words, solving problems, and reinforcing positivity. It is about connecting with the audience and being authentic. The digital space provides the ideal opportunity for us to connect and reach more people. With over 56 Million views on YouTube, he knows how to create a personal brand that gives him the best opportunity to serve others better. He has a message and full of energy to help others and position not only himself but also others.

Staying current is key to surviving and thriving not only in speaking but in business. In the world where everyone is an expert, it is the authentic people who are driven by a true purpose that make it. Having a message that you want to share and that people can benefit from is the beginning; the next step is to position yourself to reach your audience. Taking the right step to take your knowledge, skills, and experience to a new level.


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Luis Rios
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US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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