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It’s Scary, But You Must Do It

It’s Scary, But You Must Do It

Venturing into absolutely something new, especially one that requires investments like capital, time, and effort can be shaky. If there were no risk, everyone would try that thing. Investing quite an amount of money in setting up a business without the certainty of whether you will receive Returns on Investment is indeed scary. Most people love their resources’ security; and hate failure, loss, commitment, and it’s undeniably painful to lose. 

Challenges are part of life, and life is more reasonable when people don’t know the outcomes. It’s best to embrace the uncertainties. If people knew tomorrow would be a certain way, would there be a point in going on? Come to think of it. People have always lived past their challenges. And have moved on from the most challenging situations. So what could be the worst is starting a business, and especially when you create one within your capabilities. According to statistics by Small Business Trends, 26% start their own business to be their boss, 23% want to pursue their passion, and 19% due to an opportunity presented.

Meet Birgit Yegülalp, founder of a firm by the same name, offering training and coaching services to empower people with potential who give in to their fears of venturing into something. Isn’t that awesome! That there is someone who understands such struggles that are always put at the back of their minds. Coming up with the idea that faces a majority of society is genius. Very few people would think of such an endeavor. This idea is a definite impact on the community. Some of the ways you could get off your comfort zone are as below.


  • Face your fears.


The number one tip to doing what you love is facing your fears. After all, there is no smooth path to achieving great things. Whatever you desire to do, has to be done without fear or else it will be too late to be productive. What could be more enticing than being yourself, authenticity at its loudest, doing what you love, and impacting society? It has to be now or never. Think of the end goal other than what-ifs. It needs pure will power and optimism to control your destiny.


  •  Keep in mind the end goal.


Entrepreneurship will cost your social life, leading you to a hermit, but you will see people who will always want to hang out with you when you make it. Working on what you love gives you a feeling of satisfaction other than being tied up in a world where you are free to choose what serves you best.

Birgit Yegülalp worked as a headhunter, moved on to Scuba Instructor, and was then promoted to managing a small team after taking a course in 2018. Despite succeeding in the corporate world, she knew that she was worth more than that and had to give up her comfortable life. On quitting Scuba, she finally got an idea of her own business. She found herself a mentor last year in January, and within six months, she launched her first training and client. She had started her podcast earlier that year, The Cheering with Birgit Podcast, which has established a client base.

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  • Love yourself and realize you are the limit to your success.


According to Birgit Yegülalp, one shines when off their comfort zone. If you want to accomplish more with yourself, appreciate your personality and capabilities. In your comfort zone, you limit yourself to adventure. Keep in mind that nothing comes easy. 

Birgit Yegülalp was always an adventurous person who loved traveling and engaging in sports like scuba diving to challenge herself and her full-time jobs. She knew she wanted to start her own business but did not know what it would be at first. She always seemed to step out of society’s thoughts on what one should do. She says that she struggled with happiness, restlessness, and slight depression for years, which was overwhelming after her father got diagnosed with blood cancer. In 2012 she took a silent mediation course, which began opening up her inside. Her actions prove self-love and care, which allows for productivity.

The results of finding your path is a sense of freedom, authenticity, productivity, and happiness. Birgit Yegülalp’s program on one lasts seven weeks, costs  €450. For groups, it lasts two weeks with a ticket of €200. She helps people live their lives to the maximum out of their comfort zone. What could be more thrilling than finding help to start your endeavor? You can reach out to her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

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