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Isabell Slim | True Star of the Rap Industry

Isabell Slim

Who knew that a black baby born in Winnsboro, Louisiana, would become an inspiration for the young generation today? Yes, we’re talking about Jeremy Henderson, also known as Isabell Slim, who was born in the year 1997. Realizing his passion for rap at the very early age of 15, he decided to start his career as a rapper by December 2016, after receiving great encouragement and positive feedback from his friends. Although he initially faced some resistance from his family, he soon convinced his family to follow his dream.



This was when he started proper singing, producing, and mixing his music in the coffin with his friends. This is when, according to him, nobody believed in him (for his music). They all took him as an ordinary black boy, but he kept pursuing his dream of rapping because he believed that he would do something great. He didn’t lose his heart even after listening to people’s negative remarks about him. 


After experiencing anxiety, depression, and suicide through childhood bullying experiences, he also decided to write music and share his feelings and thoughts that allowed him to relate to his audience more profoundly.


Today, Isabell Slim is popularly known as the American recording artist, songwriter, producer, editor, and entrepreneur. He has become truly an inspiration for those who want to fulfill their dreams of joining the music industry with his motivation for rapping. 

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He has been followed by his fans on various media platforms for his outstanding work in the hip hop world. Also, Isabell received a huge positive response for playing his live concerts for several music recording companies. He has now gathered a huge follow-up on his music as a 23-year-old. 


This month, while on the roof along with YouTube and there are now well over 300,000 streams on all digital channels, Isabell dropped “Isabell life,” The Internet went wild monthly listeners on Spotify.


Isabell knows a lot about music, which is why he has worked with various music bands despite facing a language barrier.  


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He’s so confident over his talent that he says that nobody can beat him in the rap music industry. Despite having a large fan-following and fame across the world, he remains a humble person and truly values his fans both on and off the camera. Giving Winnsboro a name of being a place of hip hop, Isabell says that people don’t know that he burns the midnight oil as a recording artist. 


He’s truly considered “God’s gift,” for he made Spotify’s editorial two times, with just three songs published. His hundreds of thousands of songs are released on different platforms, making him the king of the rap music industry.


With his hard work and passion towards his work, Isabell has given a message to the world that if you want something in life, nobody’s negative remarks and life’s hindrances can stop you from achieving that. What matters the most is your dedication and selfless attitude.

Alexa Josh
Written By

Alexa Josh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses in the field of writing, marketing, design, software development, and more.

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