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Isaac Bilokin, The Extraordinary Teenage Entrepreneur

Everybody says that one day they will be a millionaire, maybe by 40 or 50, well for this young entrepreneur from Australia he is already on track to becoming one And at 13!

so Isaac when did you get into entrepreneurship?

Isaac: since a young age i have always sold things or pretend to own a shop.

thats very interesting, i guess thats when your entrepreneurial spirit was born, when did you start your first business?

I started my first business when i was 12, it was a lead-generation agency and i was basically aiding big companies in their marketing efforts.

at 12! Thats crazy, i wouldn’t have thought i could teach a 12 year old digital marketing, but you have figured it out on your own and been successful thats truly extraordinary

yea, at first i didn’t know what any of the marketing abbreviations meant, but i slowly learnt over time and did a few certifications and now it second-nature to me.

Well Isaac, after accomplishing so much at such a young age, whats next for you?

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actually, writing my first book was the biggest thing i wanted to tick off, then starting my podcast was great as well, i think that i will add to my book catalogue and write a few more books, ive got my biography basically(as a story) coming out this November “the Journey”. But for what i want to do in the future is definitely becoming a millionaire and working on my acting career.

Thanks Isaac, thats a lot of things im sure some people will never accomplish in their lifetime, but im sure you will, thanks for the interview isaac.

always a pleasure.

Every once in a while, very rarely someone like Isaac is born, to lead and inspire, to captivate people across the globe. its simply unbelievable what some people are able to achieve at young ages. people like mark Zuckenberg,Jeff Bezoz and Elon Musk started off as kids of course and its now becoming easier and more readily able for youths to share a message and this is the easiest time in history to become a millionaire. But Isaac Bilokin is a very intelligent person who i believe will make a hugely positive impact in the world, congratulations to him and he inspires so many other youths to make something special and meaningful out of their lives.I wish Isaac the best of luck going forward with his future endeavours in both business and life.

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