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Interview with Powerhouse Fitness & Health Entrepreneur- Anthony Mendez !

Like anyone else, Anthony Mendez was not expecting the sudden change of events that happened at the beginning of this year. Everyone was required to adapt to a new normal. He, however, has been fighting to achieve his goals despite the shortcomings.

His mantra, “Whatever you put 100% energy into, that’s what you will attract. The world doesn’t control you, because you control your own world,” has been his motivation as well. To prove that, when asked what he has performed in the first half of the year, he has made milestones in his career.


“In this first half of the year, I started exploring the side of online business & social media coaching for health & fitness coaches. For a while now, I had been getting a lot of attention from other coaches asking me constantly to help them grow their social media platforms, to help them get leads, to help them learn how to make money online, and more.”


Anthony Mendez, the health and fitness coach, identified a market gap, and saw that he could help many people in the coaching industry make money online. Coaches were spending lots of money trying to learn, but they could hardly grasp anything.


Mendez knew that the problem with them is that they were not learning from specialized trainers. “This is the gap I realized I wanted to fill,” he says as he adds, “So, me being a 10+ year health & fitness professional I decided to create a mastermind course & system that works and is tailored for those health & fitness coaches who need help to make money online with their specialties by using social media.”

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Helping others do what they love.


In the system, Anthony Mendez is teaching health & fitness coaches how to leverage their social media in different ways. Firstly, he teaches them how to do a professional Bio with powerful content that resonates and delivers the right message to the prospect.


“What this does is, it allows for the person they’re attracting to feel drawn into their page and feel that this health & fitness coach is speaking out to them and relates with them. This is a huge way to leverage your social media to bring you new leads, but not just any leads, most importantly, your ideal avatar!”


Shifting from fitness coaching to training others


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Coaches were always reaching out to Anthony, asking for help. He then saw that indeed, there was a market gap, and he had the zeal to fill it.

“I truly felt that this was my next calling and the next chapter in my life. I really enjoy being able to help the health & fitness coaches and guide them towards Mastering Freedom.” He says.


After carefully writing the phases of his program, he reviewed it several times then took it to his coach. They went through it together. Finally, it was ready to go! He has been updating it as he teaches the health and fitness coaches.

“Keep in mind imperfect action is what creates results! It’s like I tell all the coaches I work with, ‘It’s Not – Ready, Set, Go! It’s – Go, Set, Ready!’”


Jonathan Medina
Written By

Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their online presence and strategically position them to their advantage.

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