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Interview with Nianila Bammatova, designer of couture clothes, founder of Fashion House Nianila.

To give unforgettable impressions, transforming her appearance – transforming her soul and even changing her destiny – this is her true vocation, thanks to which she is often called a “sorceress”. She is Nianila. Designer of exclusive dresses that magically enchant not only with their beauty, but also with accents that allow you to create the ideal proportions of the figure. Winner of the title “Queen’s Outfit” at the international design competition in Kazan, participant of the Fashion Week in Grozny, holder of many diplomas and titles. Nianila sends her dresses all over the country, dressing up the most sophisticated beauties. And now girls from all over the country and even from beyond its borders go to Nianila for luxurious photographs. Today, many magazines, stars and successful people know Nianila as a brilliant photo producer, whose photo projects become one of the brightest events in life.

Nianila, you have a large number of subscribers, and watching you, it’s hard to understand how you manage to be in so many places at the same time. What gives you such a boost of energy?

I have every minute planned, and during the most quiet period my schedule is drawn up at least two weeks in advance. I have a very wide circle of acquaintances and, accordingly, a lot of interesting events where I am invited. Sometimes you just want to clone in order to be in time everywhere, so you have to choose, correctly prioritizing. I appreciate every minute of my life, and the desire to be useful, to give joy, to help girls in appearance and inwardly – I really like it. I love it when people, after talking with me, become rich, more self-confident and happy. Probably, in this I found my destiny, and I can’t imagine my life anymore.

I do not know if there is someone who could remain indifferent to your dresses. Is it easy to surpass yourself in creating each new collection of the Fashion House Nianila brand?

I always have infinitely many ideas, and sometimes I think that, probably, ten lives would not be enough for me to implement all of them. Recently, however, I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I don’t show about 80% of my work to anyone. One of my main principles – the exclusivity of each model – has now given side effects. At first, I tried to convey to the girls the idea that God made us all different, in the world there is not a single grain of sand exactly similar to another, just as we should all emphasize our individuality, and not try to be similar to each other buying the same clothes. Therefore, each of my dresses is always different from the other and is sewn in one single copy. However, now I am increasingly becoming a personal designer. My clients, very popular stars and prominent personalities, order 10 dresses a month, and they do not want our sketches, the process of work and the dresses themselves to be made public. Singers do not want other singers to recognize the author of their dresses and order something similar, and secular lionesses do not want their other relatives and friends to look as beautiful. Although I do not quite understand such a zealous attitude, on the other hand, it is very pleasant for me and, from a material point of view, also suits me.

Does this mean that you will stop producing collections and doing shows on the catwalks?

Not at all. Quite the opposite. The master of Russian fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev himself said in one of our interviews that I created a new direction in the fashion world and must continue it. He noted my wedding dress from the collection “Diamond Sky” as one of the best works at Fashion Week. Also, my beloved clients are also always waiting for something new, they call and ask when there will be a new collection, in order to be the first to buy the most beautiful dress, they all buy up very quickly. Therefore, I simply do not have the moral right not to sew my collections and not show them. At all the most significant events in the world of Russian fashion, I will exhibit my work. After all, I want as many sisters as possible to be beautiful, stylish, know how to correctly combine the colors and textures of fabrics, know the features of their figure and know how to choose the right clothes in style and style that are ideal for themselves. My dream is that when the word “Muslim” is used, people imagine a beautiful, well-groomed, modern and educated girl who knows how to properly present not only herself, but also dress her husband beautifully. I invite all the girls to their own show of my new collection at the Estet Jewelry House on April 17 or 18 in Moscow. We always do shows with the stars: with Abraham Russo, with Carnelia Mango, Rinat Ibragimov. This time we will also pleasantly surprise our guests. And very soon there will be a big master class on tying a scarf, which I receive every day on social networks. So I invite everyone and follow the news.

We know that you only make clothes for women and children. Why don’t you want to make clothes for men?

Very often they turn to me with such a request. Occasionally I make suits and shirts for the husbands of my clients, when it is necessary that at some event,

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