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Interview: Imagesbyahmadj

1. Hi Imagesbyahmadj ! How are you?

Imagesbyahmadj: I’m great, Splendid,

2. When/How did you start/get into Photography?

Imagesbyahmadj: I got into photography in 2017 , with the intent to become a fashion model. I’ve always had a vision and a great eye so I just focused more on photography.

3. What is your greatest inspiration for your Photography?

Imagesbyahmadj: My greatest inspiration is my son , he came into my life and my hustle increased my visions came to life.

4. What is the most complex subject you’ve ever written about?

Imagesbyahmadj: The most complex pictures I’ve encountered are beauty shots and product shots those are very difficult and tedious.

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5. What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

Imagesbyahmadj: My outstanding accomplishment I’ve been on numerous of billboards and my pictures have be seen in New York for artist by the name of Mo3

6. Are you planning on releasing new photography soon?

Imagesbyahmadj: New photography work coming soon , all new content, skills , editing skills,etc…

7. What is next for you?

Imagesbyahmadj: Next for me I plan on teaching photography classes this summer I can’t wait to teach.

8. If you could work with any famous photographer who would it be and why ?

Imagesbyahmadj: I would work with Hype Williams for sure one of my favorite photographers/directors & his vision the way he creates is impeccable, he knows how to tell a great story.

9. Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city  what do you like the most and least?

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 Imagesbyahmadj: What I love best about Dallas, I feel like we’re underdogs, and I love being an underdog it makes you hungry for greatness. What I like least are the people that are not doing the craft for the love they’re doing it just because.

10. Has Being A Photographer Been A Smooth Ride?
Imagesbyahmadj: When you have to work for yourself, it’s a very bumpy road. You have to come up with ways to catch peoples attention within your creativity. Photography is now something I do for a living, so I get paid off of clients wanting to book with me, that’s an obstacle itself. I love it though it helps me become even more creative.


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Contact Info:

  • Address: Dallas Tx,
  • Phone: 469-783-5972

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Instagram: Imagesbyahmadj

Twitter: Imagesbyahmadj

Facebook: Imagesbyahmadj

Imagesbyahmadj is the Top photographer in the DFW metroplex.

Ahmad is taking photography by a storm in Texas . He’s making his way to becoming one of Texas most prominent photographers.

His work speaks for it self, can be found at, hes worked with many celebrites, fashion gurus, upcoming small businesses, etc…He’s won many awards in Dallas , & has several different magazine publications.

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Contact him on Instagram or by email at imagesbyahmadj on IG & [email protected]

Franklinn Wilford
Written By

Franklin A Wilfodd is an Publisher,Editor from Australia

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