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Interview: Deezy G-Makn

Nothing beats the utter sense of euphoria when you stumble upon a fresh piece of Deezy G-Makn. There is the added lure of the art being faintly unknown- you relish in the knowledge of having access to a hidden treasure. But the charm soon wears off and you soon begin to wonder why the work does not acquire the recognition it deserves. You want to jam to it with your friends, listen to it on the radio; you want it to be heard. Worry no more as we are on the Taal-ash of all such artists who more than deserve to be heard!
Deezy G-Makn is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common. Deezy G-Makn has the power to bring people together and that is precisely one of our aims; recognizing and appreciating understated, aspiring artists by providing a platform where likeminded Music enthusiasts can bond over their mutual love for Music. There are countless such remarkably talented artists, overlooked under the weight of the same few celebrated Musicians who rule our Music industry. It is about time we learn to look deep and appreciate the local, underrated talent. Indeed, there is a whole other world of breathtaking symphonies, catchy rhythms and raw, soulful Music just waiting to be discovered and cherished.
Read about Music. Do not confine yourself to a certain genre. Even if you do not like a certain genre, still listen to it. Learn theory and try to dissect different songs. Form your own voice by listening to a lot of other artists. Make original songs. If we keep doing covers, original Music will not survive in our industry. We really enjoy just singing and playing Music for people. Singing songs that people like and if that makes them happy even for a minute, then that is a win for us. But if it goes on to be something professional, we would still be happy.
From hardly knowing one another to becoming inseparable band mates. From the impromptu jamming sessions between classes to the bonfires spent singing their hearts out, from casually humming along a random song to actually come as far as recording their own. he best feeling is when you find amazing people along the way, people you can count on, people you can share things with, especially the incredible experience of making Deezy G-Makn together. It is what liberates them, and what better way to experience the liberation than as a band, as a group, as a whole?turned off laptop computer on top of brown wooden table

Franklinn Wilford
Written By

Franklin A Wilfodd is an Publisher,Editor from Australia

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