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Importance of Music in our Life, By Jayesh Kumar Das-A Renown Musical Artist, Podcaster and Word Record Holder from Coochbehar, West Bengal, India.

Music is very important and powerful thing in any one’s life, who like listening to music and singing, they also know the importance of music in their life. A person who likes listening to music and singing does not bother about any problem in life. As well as helping to relax and relax the brain, it promotes something better in life. Many people like to listen and sing music on various festivals and events. Some listen to music every time, such as: in the office, at home, etc. on the way It helps to keep away from all the problems of life and also gives solutions to problems. Nowadays, in the big companies, employees are in the running of singing in slower voices to increase the workforce of employees while making their brain fresh, peaceful, concentrated, positive thoughts at the time of the work of the employees.
Music is very powerful and conveys positive messages for all emotional problems and does not ask anything from anyone. It’s voice-free, though, tells us everything and shares more problems with humans. The nature of music is encouraged and promoted, which increases the power of human concentration by removing all negative thoughts. Music is the thing that helps with remembering all the good memories of our beloved person. There is no limitation, hindrance and rule directory; It needs to be heard only with passion and reverence. Whenever we listen to music, it brings a very good feeling in the heart and mind, which connects us with our soul. Here is the connection between God’s power and power. Someone has said right about music: “There is no limit to music, it is beyond all limits.” And “Music is more in life and life is in music.” Affected by this, I also have music and guitar It is hoped that one day I will be very good musician.
I love music because of my genetic qualities because my father and grandfather had a lot of interest in music. In my house, music runs in the slow voice from morning to evening. I do not know much about music tunes, but I often like to listen to music during travel or study. During the weekly holidays, at home or picnic or any other favorite place with our family, we dance, listen to music and sing the songs and enjoy the holiday.The music touches my soul and makes me feel this That is, I have no problem in this world.Music enhanced my attention level while giving me mental peace, satisfaction, health, filled my mind with positive thoughts, and most importantly, due to music, my friends started attracting towards me. My father told me that whenever you are troubled in life, always taking help of music, it will remove you from this dilemma and will lead you towards success. Since then, whenever I am alone or with my friends, I listen to music. Music is like meditation, if it is practiced with full dedication and reverence, it improves mental health and concentration. We can not ignore the truth associated with music. It is very powerful and capable, which exposes everyone’s emotions. It touches the soul and can never be eliminated from the world.Music is a blessing to me, because it has played a very important role in my life. It always gives nothing back without any hassles and directories. Music is like air air oxygen for me, in which I breathe. It makes me happy and keeps it healthy. It is said that truth is that life without music can not be imagined. Without music, life will be exactly like the sun and the moon. From my childhood to my grown up, I was a very quiet person without any happiness and happiness. Because of my nature, I did not talk to anyone. One day I was very upset and my father looked at me and asked me about my problem. They encouraged me to enter music school and advised to learn music for at least an hour. I followed his advice and acted according to his advice; it made a big difference in my life in just one month. I was not as before as I was before learning music.Since my childhood I have been fond of listening to music due to my father, I also participate in singing along with my friends in music competition, churches, birthday ceremonies, etc. Music is a very important part of my life; I can not even imagine my life without music. My parents, especially my father, encouraged me to learn music and gave my habit a wonderful identity. Music is very easy; Anyone who can learn at any time, however, it requires hobbies, regular practice and discipline to learn. I know very well by playing Bansi, which is why I am admired among my friends and colleagues. It calms my brain and fills me with positive thoughts that help in my personal life. In this way it can be said that, music provides self-confidence in man with the spiritual, mental and physical strength.Music for the entire human species is a gift given by God. It is the key to the soul which helps us to be mentally and physically healthy. Music is the rhythm, which brings all the good memories and positive thoughts of past times, favorite places, individuals or festivals etc. Music is very sweet and global language, which tells everything in peace and ends all our problems without asking us. I am very committed to music and listen to it mostly. It keeps me happy providing relief at very large levels. Listening to music is my passion and it is the secret of my healthy and happy life.

About “Jayesh Kumar Das”:-

Jayesh Kumar Das(Born:27 March,2003)is an Indian Musical Artist,Internet Celebrity, World Record Holder, Podcaster and Celebrity Friend from Coochbehar, West Bengal, India.

Jayesh , known professionally as Jayesh Kumar Das is an Indian YouTube Personality based in India.He provides latest tech news, YouTube Tutorial, blogging and more on there YouTube channel .Jayesh Kumar Das is also knows as Indian Famous Musical Artist, Podcaster and World Record Holder.

He has released his soundtrack on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan and many others. He has released his soundtracks on foreign Music streaming platforms like Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You can get Jayesh Kumar Das musics’ on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook library also.

Basically Jayesh Kumar Das started his career first as a Gamer and YouTuber. As sometimes later he enters in the Music Field. YouTube officially verified his YouTube channel as an Official Artist. Youtube gave him music verified badge on YouTube.

Apart from this Jayesh Kumar Das is Officially Verified on Spotify, JioSavan,Listen- Notes, Humtalk, Musixmatch, Digsty, Jaxta, Boomplay, Amazon Music, Amazon Verified Influencer, APKPURE Account, APKPURE Developer, Songwhip, Uhive, Dazzlerr, HiBharat, Google Verified Account, Twikkar, Tidal, Deezer,Apple Music,Resso,Gaana, Hungama, Playsee and Vero Social Media App.

About “TEAM-Jayesh Kumar Das” :-

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“TEAM-Jayesh Kumar Das” is Record Label, Social Media Team and Multimedia Company founded by Jayesh Kumar Das on 2021.It also offers The Official Merchandise By Jayesh Kumar Das.
“TEAM-Jayesh Kumar Das” has also Launched Various Artists under its Record Label.

Shashk Tiwari
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Shashk Tiwari in (22/08/2006) Known as Shashk Tiwari from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh as musician

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