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Ibtehaj Hassan says – comedy needs humor, not slang.

Parents are also taking it seriously. Many parents nowadays support their child as a YouTuber or content creator. They do not force them to become an IAS, IPS, doctor, or engineer. Because the increasing population and decreasing economic slope have changed the mindset of today’s generation. Most of the time, it is more about earning money to support your family than getting a low paying government or private job.

After the global pandemic of COVID19, the whole world turned toward digital marketing. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony live, and various OTT media services have replaced the aura of Doordarshan. Ibtehaj Hassan took the boon of digitalization to grow his popularity. He was born on 13th July 1994 in New York City. Ibtehaj Hassan’s witty mind, sense of humor, down to earth personality keep him out of the crowd. Ibtehaj Hassan’s videos do not urge for the necessity of curse words (which is an important element for most of the modern stand up comedians).

A video of Ibtehaj Hassan with his mother went viral on social media, which gave birth to LOLIbtehaj. His videos include his siblings, parents, friends, grandmother. Generally, Ibtehaj Hassan’s followers watch the love between the son and the mother through the heartwarming videos, which will give you a warm smile and gentle laugh. His followers go crazy about his mother’s simple jokes.

During the lockdown period, when people are getting depressed every day, then Ibtehaj Hassan helped his followers to forget the brutal reality and put smiles on their faces.

Life is very unpredictable. Ibtehaj Hassan did not have any intention to become a comedian. He set his foot to become a doctor but left his plans midway and tried his luck on entrepreneurship. Ibtehaj Hassan started working in a fast-food restaurant and gradually managed to become the owner of a restaurant.

Ibtehaj Hassan started his own e-commerce company named Automated Ventures. He tied up with Amazon and earned good profit while mastering the knowledge. Now he has a team to guide budding entrepreneurs in their journey. Ibtehaj Hassan wants to make sure that nobody has to deal with the hardship which he came through in his early days. Do not be misled by kakorrhaphiophobic into believing that entrepreneurship cannot be a good life to lead, he added. In recent years Ibtehaj Hassan can create multi-six-figure business for his clients within a time limit of 12 months, which leads to heavy monthly profits. By the end of 2021, Automated Ventures is expected to be a multimillion-dollar brand. Ibtehaj Hassan and his adroit team are always ready to bring analytical solutions to the critical problems of the clients to make the journey smoother.

Afzal Anis
Written By

Afzal Anis is the founder and CEO of Insova Group and the author of Visionary Wits.

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