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How Tony Delgado Is Driving Change In the Education Space

Tony Delgado has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, a software developer, an activist, and philanthropist. From having a lemonade stand, selling cars, to selling on eBay and Amazon, he says entrepreneurship is in his DNA. Here, we will explore how Anthony is using his knowledge and skills in tech and entrepreneurship to help us rethink the opportunities available for our taking.

Tony lives by the mantra that all you need is WiFi and a dream.

The internet is no doubt a powerful gear. Through online platforms, you have the ability to compete on a global scale. When Anthony realized the power of technology and entrepreneurship, he has never looked back. He went from making $50 dollars a week to making $3,000 per day. Since then he has launched numerous successful businesses online, and media properties. You have probably come across some of his brands like Disrupt Magazine, Yolo Daily, and Disrupt Podcast. Through these platforms, Anthony amplifies the powerful stories of creators, executives, and thought-leaders who are out to change the world. At the same time, these platforms teach others the skills to grow their careers, and create financial freedom for themselves, while living out their true purpose.

Discovering a mission greater than himself

After the devastating Hurricane Maria, Anthony moved to Puerto Rico to do what he believes is a key way to change the economy. He is on a mission to use technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to help build communities from the ground up. While most people go for the idea of a 9–5 job, there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur than now. With the internet, there is no confinement of your business in the country where you live. So don’t limit yourself.

Have you ever heard the statistics that millionaires have an average of seven streams of income? It is not just about thinking outside the box, but actually living outside the box. Here is a cheat code for success; technology gives you the platform, while entrepreneurship is your avenue to attain financial freedom.

The truth is, the schools give you very little to run your business. Anthony believes that the key to fixing this problem is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the only way to transform the economy. It is one of the reasons he started the movement Disrupt in Puerto Rico that aims to show young people that they can be successful. He is inspiring others to do great things by showing them the opportunities that are available. Giving them the tools they need and sharing his skills, experiences, and knowledge. He believes that technology is the biggest and fastest way to eradicate poverty and create wealth and upward mobility.

Tony believes that change will never come without disruption. One of the reasons the current education system will not get you ahead of the game is because it does not provide you with the skills to thrive in the real world. So when he started to Disrupt University, he was set out to do just that. To disrupt university education by offering an online education forum, that teaches digital skills and entrepreneurship as it is done now.

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Anthony has a progressive mindset, and he never passes an opportunity to help others.

One of his latest ventures is about empowering the Latino Community, especially Latina women, to generate income from home. Through Latino Wall Street, with his wife Gaby. As well as Wall Street University the whole focus is on educating the community about the opportunities and resources available in the stock market. It is about empowering people by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to generate income and achieve financial freedom.

You can certainly attain success by changing your mindset, collaborating with others, and taking advantage of technology. Anthony’s story inspires me. When he says, ‘the internet changed my life and looking at what he is doing, I know it is time to redefine opportunities.

Luis Rios
Written By

US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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