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How to Maintain Your Vision Every Day

Are you having difficulty in attaining your goals or even in keeping yourself motivated? If yes, perhaps you should consider reassessing your situation to actually identify where it’s going wrong. Even if you have a natural talent and the necessary competencies to succeed in your chosen field, ask yourself if you, too, are succeeding in other aspects of your life, such as family, friends, romance, health, and wellbeing. Or are you sacrificing everything else on the altar of what you perceive as success

I am Cody Jefferson, the founder of Lion: Elite, the top performance coaching program for kingdom-minded businessmen focused on living their legacy. Aside from that, I was also a pastor for 13 years before founding Embrace The Lion to help myself and overachieving men like me who have misplaced their purpose and power. If you’re doubting my word of advice, let me share my story. 


My Journey

When I was 19, I was already certain where my heart belonged; I wanted to serve others, so I entered the ministry. On top of my interest in serving people, I also had a knack for performing and was eloquent in speaking, which made it appear like I was meant for the position. Everything seemed to be in place; however, as time passed by, the line dividing between my occupation and faith started to blur. In addition, as I  was pushing further toward that path—working 18 hours a day and finishing two masters in theology—my personal relationships crumbled, and I was left in a situation beyond my control, or so I thought. 

The moment I realized that I was sacrificing the chance to experience life at its fullest in exchange for the momentary gratification of achieving my self-perceived success, I knew change was needed. I acknowledged that I was miserable, my health was declining and everyone around me was drifting away so I stopped lying to myself. As such, I made the decision to leave the ministry, reevaluate my purpose, and pursue what I am doing today—helping good men become great and helping great men create movements. Through my current work, I learned how to value and fully embody my authentic self, and, in turn, I am able to better help those I intend to serve.


Prioritizing Well-being

Most ambitious and overachieving men visualize the path they want to take, and often they take action, but, for some, it ends up falling apart along the way for some. As a result, they fall into a pit of dejection, which hinders them from maintaining their vision. The main reason behind such is the neglect of their mental health. It is worth noting that well-being is not limited to being physically healthy; you have to be mentally sound, as well. 

In my experience, I was able to overcome the adversities that came into my life when I started prioritizing my well-being. I learned to take the different masks I wore and to stop proving my worth, as I know that I am worthy—we are all worthy. I transformed the pain and agony I have been carrying for years into a powerful force and voice that now guides others in their pursuit of fulfillment and abundance in their personal lives and in business. Additionally, this transformation also enriched my personal life, especially in my relationship with my son. Arguably, he is the reason for my transformation and personal development. I knew that if I wanted him to avoid the painful experiences I went through, I had to be the father who would bring the best out of him through the healthiest means. Ultimately, my awareness, accountability, and willingness to move forward were heightened through this shift, which is integral for a truly successful life. 

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Cody Jefferson
Written By

Cody Jefferson is a father, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, life and business coach, and the founder of Embrace The Lion.

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