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How to Leverage PR for Business Growth

Every single entrepreneur or business owner looks forward to being recognized by the press for their work.  With no doubts, all humans want to be discovered. That’s how a man is programmed. 

However, with the internet, you can now take control of how much you want to be recognized. You do not have to sit and wait for the media to notice you or what you do.  You can now create awareness for your startup company, connect your business to your potential buyers, and expand your reach, with good PR strategies, to gain credibility.

If PR is done right, it can easily attract partners, customers, quality investors, and as a result, it will enable you to grow fast. On the other hand, if done poorly, it may have disastrous consequences for all sizes of businesses involved, most especially the small ones since they are more vulnerable. For better results, Below are some of the most effective ways to leverage PR for business growth.

Contributed Articles

Writing contributed articles about your business is one of the most effective ways to let people know about your business. It has now become easy for one to pitch articles on most of the major publications since they provide their readers with an opportunity to do so. All that’s left of you to do is to follow the guidelines and stick to the point. The advantage of writing contributed articles is that they have the power to establish you as an expert in your chosen field. In addition to that, you get a chance to easily communicate with the audience you are targeting and also generate quality backlinks, which is so advantageous to your website’s SEO.

Contributed articles have the power to get you noticed not only by potential clients but also by professionals from your industry. This welcomes unexpected new collaboration opportunities. When putting together a press release, it’s important that you focus on specific widespread problems mostly faced by readers, offer the best solution to that problem, and ensure to describe in depth how your company is involved.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is also another way entrepreneurs can use to grow their business. However, it’s unfortunate that most business owners have invested their money into content marketing, without getting significant results over the years. This has been a result of poor strategies and performance, but things could be totally different if you are able to handle your content marketing correctly. This makes it easy for a business owner to stand out and reap all the benefits that any other business owner with poor strategy has been leaving behind. 

Having that in mind is not an assurance that your business will grow immediately. There are a few more things a business owner needs to know and do: First, you need to identify your target audience and build a buyer persona that will make it easy for you to target them accurately. Second, be sure to produce good quality and unique content. You will help you gain traction via social media and then from there, ensure consistency.  In addition to that, ensure uniqueness. Every unique thing stands out from the rest.

Become a contributor

Every single person is always on the look-out for great and unique content. If you want to stand out, you can research the websites and blogs that match your business and target market.  Get to know the kind of outlets your customers are interested in, make a list of some of the best sites, and see whether you can contribute valuable content. Come up with the most relevant topics that match your current strategy while at the same time being interesting to your readers. Here, you can mention your products briefly, only if it fits the context. Also, you can briefly mention your company and insert a link that leads back to your website. 

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In summation, try as much as you can to work with localized micro-influencers instead of trying to partner with the big ones with millions of followers. Why is this so? Because the micro ones tend to engage more with their audience and you can easily find people who are connected with your specialized field, meaning, your message will easily reach your audience. Most business owners hardly do their research before reaching out to their target audience. Once you do this you’ll definitely be ahead of your competitors ‘Help them, help you’ is the motto in PR.

Wairimu Kimani
Written By

Wairimu Kimani is a Freelance and Public Relations Writer. Based in Kenya, she covers topics such as business, entertainment, health, and lifestyle.

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