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How This Black Woman Trainer Became a Six Figure Business Owner In Fitness: DaiJa Monet

DaiJa Monet  has been a personal trainer for the last 4 years. She was the youngest trainer at Equinox D.C. and Equinox Marina Del Rey. She was able to bring in 6 figures in her first quarter of being an independent trainer after leaving Equinox. She is also a brand ambassador of RXBar, ONE Bar, Essentia Water, Elxr Company, international hotels and gyms! To this day, she has been able to work with over 100 clients. 




DaiJa had many obstacles she faced while on this road to becoming a health and fitness influencer. She states “Being a woman, let alone a black woman, I have to prove myself with twice as much and twice as often than others in the industry.” Monet feels that she has to know everything and study everything, otherwise she is doubted and looked down upon. She adds how she is also a petite woman, so she constantly has to defend her intelligence as if her credentials, experience, clientele and results don’t speak for themselves. Monet just lets her clients’ hard work speak for her. 


Advice for those just starting out


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A piece of advice Monet would give to someone just starting out would be “It doesn’t matter how saturated you may feel the fitness industry is, do it.” She also adds to just be focused on the trainer you want to be, because there are going to be people around you that need you to be you no matter what. DaiJa emphasizes that people are waiting on YOU to change their life, and to keep going.


Main tips for successful habits


DaiJa’s main tips for successful habits are to get a notebook, write down your thoughts, and apply your notes that you’ve made so far. She also adds that a whiteboard to sort your ideas works too. Whichever method is fine as long as you write your ideas down. That is how she claims she got here. Another tip Monet has is to hold yourself to a very honest level of accountability. She also states that you can only progress if you are aware of exactly what you are actively doing to be successful and reach your goals. Monet then includes “Practice tangible habits not theoretical ones. It is about what you are actually doing, not what you are thinking about doing.”


Continuing to grow & succeed 


Monet will continue to grow and succeed by the fact the more people she is able to help, the more she grows. As well as the more correct information she shares, the more knowledge she takes in. DaiJa mentions that this is not about her, but rather it is about the people’s health. She also includes “I am fulfilled when I have poured into someone’s health and changed their life.” DaiJa then concludes that this is how she grows, when the people around her grow and reach peak self-confidence. 

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Jonathan Medina
Written By

Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their online presence and strategically position them to their advantage.

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