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How Sunil Kumar Built a 16 Million Dollar Real Estate Agency from Scratch

Sunil Kumar, who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of Reliance Real Estate, established Reliance in 2011 within a compact workspace in the west of Melbourne. It has turned out to be the premier agency at the moment thanks to lots of endeavors as well as honesty, and right now it aids the residents of Australia to sell, purchase, and also lease their homes. Reliance Real Estate is considered to be the fastest-developing real estate business in New Zealand and Australia and it has been awarded this honor on 3 consecutive occasions. On top of this, Sunil Kumar can boast of being recognized as “Principal of the Year” of Australia by ARERA for 2 years in succession. 

A lot of leadership articles including The Business of Real Estate, The Entourage, Elite Agent, as well as the Indian Sun have already featured Sunil Kumar. As a matter of fact, the company’s success story continues to motivate and inspire the top aspiring leaders in Australia, not to mention India, as well. 

Sunil Kumar hopes to give back something valuable to the community by means of the Reliance Foundation Company. Apart from this, he likewise holds the post of one of the board directors of AICCI which happens to be a firm with the intention of fortifying the connections between the 2 nations, India and Australia.

In the year 2004, Sunil Kumar arrived in Australia pursuing his Masters in the subject of Professional Accounting. Sunil worked as a part-time door-to-door salesman in order to earn money for bills while he was studying. While being a salesman, he came to realize the fact that creating connections was his passion and he also loved providing services to individuals out there in the world. In the year 2007, Sunil started his career in the real estate industry and at that time, he observed a noticeable gap in the customer service department. 

Reliance Real Estate was launched by Sunil in the year 2011 in the month of May with the intention of closing that gap. He is in the habit of calculating success by the number of people that have been helped by the company in achieving their objectives. 

Reliance can now boast of having as many as 8 offices after a span of 8 years and it happens to be the fastest-developing real estate company in Australia aiding the residents to purchase, sell, and also lease their properties. It is through his strong leadership that Reliance is now capable of making inroads in the real estate industry. Reliance has been established by Sunil through trust, respect, honesty, and friendship. 

Funding Force was also established by him which is actually a group of brokers who are experts in home lending and it was done by him for providing more value and also for fortifying his vision. He was also accountable for establishing the AICCI.

Many people can learn from Sunil Kumar and the empire he has built. He was able to build something he could be proud of while at the same time being able to help the citizens around him.

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Nicole Lopez

Nicole Lopez is a Senior Staff Writer at Yolo Daily, the #1 Digital Publication For Millennial News. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she covers topics such as entertainment, business, events, culture and news. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish.


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