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How SEO Can Save Your Business During Covid – Sahil Kashyap

Every second person claims to be a digital marketer nowadays, with promises of taking your business to another level. But how many of them are really genuine and guarantee results? Digital marketing involves a lot of minute strategies and techniques to make it work and give you the desired results. And especially in times of the pandemic when businesses are barely surviving, everyone is looking for only the expert’s advice to help them sail through the storm.

In wake of this, Founder of THN News and Digital Marketing strategist, Sahil Kashyap, shares his expertise on – How SEO can save your business during Covid? Though online visibility was important before the epidemic, it has become all the important now. From small scale startups to large enterprises, everyone has shifted to the online survival mode, this means greater competition. To add to this, the economic condition of the market has forced businesses to rethink the marketing budget. Cutting down on budget means, many are spending less on SEO. And not to forget, the ever-changing Google updates, that hugely impact the SEO of your website.

Sahil Kashyap, Founder and Author of two books, talks about the importance of SEO and how to rebuild your SEO strategies.

  1. Keep Your Content Target Oriented:

Make sure you know who your target audience is and accordingly create your content. The consumer behaviours drastically changed during the Covid period and therefore, you should not rely on your old data. Create new content strategies after researching the new likes, interests, and buyer behaviour of your target audience. You will be able to reap the results for your SEO, only if you hit the right audience.

  1. Stay Updated With The Trends:

While planning your strategy, make sure you are well updated with the latest trends. The social, economic and emotional fronts are rapidly evolving, resulting in equally rapidly changing trends. Staging updated with the latest trends will help you form a strategy that is user-centric and builds the interest of your audience.

  1. Connect With Your Audience:

The audience will visit your site and grow your SEO ranking only if they can relate to your content. Connect with your audience by giving them what they are interested in. But be careful about not hitting the emotional front. Your audience is emotionally vulnerable right now, give them solutions to their problems, give them hope of planing a better future after the Covid, instead of fueling the stress. This will not only build brand trust but also grow your customer base, resulting in good results for your SEO.

  1. Do Not Forget The Analytics:

Applying the right strategy is not enough, you need to keep an eye if your strategies are working or not. Make sure you are analysing the results of your strategy, how your audience is responding, how is their buying journey, which campaign is getting you better results, etc. This will help you fill any loopholes and understand your customer better to give them what they are looking for.

While these are just a few of the reasons how SEO can save your business during Covid. Sahil Kashyap, encourage you to look at your website from a different perspective, make changes to improve the user experience and make changes to strengthen the goals you have set for your business in these tough times. To know more about the latest digital trends and learn about the secrets of planning a successful SEO strategy, visit Sahil Kashyap’s instagram page or his website

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