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How Respira Air Attained a Quarter Million in Kickstarter Pre-Sale Revenue

Respira is the company behind the air-purifying garden that takes care of itself. The Respira smart garden is a tech-driven innovation that can naturally purify the air in your home. During the past couple of years, many people began spending the majority of their time in their homes and needed a space that was both comfortable and nurturing. Respira provided the solution that many of us were looking for.

This system takes the guesswork out of gardening entirely so that anyone can bring plant life into their home. Respira also actively purifies the air you breathe indoors. It does this by pulling air through the root zone of the plants, where microbial bacteria then capture and break down the toxins from the air. The system then tracks and monitors the growing conditions of your plants and indoor air quality to ensure healthy plants and a healthy atmosphere. 

The Minds Behind Respira

The founders of Respira are Dylan Robertson and Mitchell Cowburn. The pair started their first company, New Earth Solutions, back in 2018, where they built custom commercial living walls for many major companies across Canada. 

After running this company successfully for a few years, Dylan and Mitchell began thinking of ways to diversify and create a sustainable product to bring into people’s homes. The inspiration for Respira came from a question many of their commercial customers asked, which was “How can I get one of these in my home?”. 

When the pandemic hit, and many businesses began to struggle, they took the opportunity to pivot. They decided to launch Respira, a revolutionary product that completely changed the way people thought about indoor gardening. The design is minimal and sleek providing the perfect balance between technology and nature. It is a state-of-the-art piece that is both functional and beautiful. 

Kickstarter  Success

 In January of 2021, Dylan and Mitchell along with the rest of the Respira team launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of raising a little over 10K to help them get started with their first run of inventory. Little did they know they would reach this goal in less than 10 minutes and would go on to raise over a quarter-million dollars in 30 days. This success gave them confidence in their market traction, and they’ve leveraged that in their pre-sales ever since.

With this unique and innovative product, they’ve had to pre-sell units in order to generate the capital required to bring the product to market. The income from pre-sales has then been reinvested in inventory, tooling, and manufacturing costs. Thus far, they have pre-sold over 875 units in under a year’s time and anticipate rapid growth once the units get delivered.

Marketing Tactics

The company’s Kickstarter campaign was so successful due to their fantastic marketing team and their core team’s relentless efforts to share this product with the world. It started with having the support of many family members and friends. They then strategized their crowd-funding plan and set a goal that would help take them to the next step. 

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A couple of months before launching the Kickstarter campaign, they began building out their email list through word-of-mouth and by showcasing the product on social media. People became fascinated by the product and wanted to learn more about this unique garden system. From there, they began educating their community on the benefits of biophilic design, the science of biofiltration, and the importance of natural air purification. By sharing this information, they were able to build an audience of like-minded individuals who were excited to support Respira’s company mission and have the system in their own homes.

Why You Should Join the Club and Get Your Respira

As mentioned before, Respira naturally purifies the air in your space. Studies by the WHO show that ambient air pollution results in 4.2 million deaths annually. Respira improves your indoor air quality, thereby reducing the risk of ambient air pollution.  

Furthermore, Respira is unlike any other air purifier on the market. Respira captures and permanently destroys the airborne toxins and gasses known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Respira does this by using a reusable pre-filter and the power of plants, making it the most natural and sustainable way to purify the air in your home. Each year, 12,000 tons of disposable filters end up in landfills. Every Respira unit sold reduces that number by one. 

So, whether it is for the health of your home or the health of the planet, joining the Respira community is something you won’t want to miss out on. You can follow their journey on the social media platforms below:




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