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How Nicola Napolitano Made Millions from Online Stores? How Does He Enlighten Others?

The concept of moving your entire business online along with shifting the customer base seems like a pretty big deal, and it sure is. Every business owner, new and old, require the services of a groomed and avid e-commerce expert to help him out. Nicola Napolitano, serving this very purpose for the past five years, has now become a name you can trust when it comes to the sake of your business. Throughout the last decade, he has helped several small businesses to become empires and large-scale ones to make millions out of the same resources they had previously.

It is worth noting here that days have not always been this golden. Nicola also had to face some downfalls in his early days. Perhaps this is the reason that now he does not want others to suffer the same. Instead, he wants them to learn from his experience. Many of the online stores opened and managed by Nicola are earning their owners seven figures. 

It’s all about the strategy. Nicola has mastered all the tactics of digital marketing that one needs to stay above the competition. That is why he is the first choice of all the business-minded entrepreneurs out there. His business and e-commerce strategies are admired by millennials, in particular, since they are known to give fast results. You can even lookup for the stores maintained by Nicola. You will find this to be true!

Right from the beginning, Nicola wanted to be his boss. At this tender age of 25, when his fellow age-mates are busy finding jobs, he is the one providing jobs. One needs to walk a lonely path to be ahead. He is known as a sales catalyst in business communities owing to his ability to multiply your sales figures many folds. 

To be Jack of all trades is a quality desirable in almost all the professions. Private clients and organizations need people who are problem solvers; no matter what the matter is, they can come up with a viable solution. Nicola is not much different from being that. Starting from digital marketing to e-commerce, he can help you out with all your online dilemmas. Nicola is also a keen observer. Hence, he is well aware of the problems of all age groups. That is why you can find people of all ages attending his talks and sessions.

Those days are long gone when you needed to have a physical store and billboards to attract customers. Nowadays, all you need is a laptop, a sound marketing strategy with a workable trading scheme. All of this, when put together, sure becomes a bit overwhelming sometimes, and you seek a helping hand to pull you out. Well, Nicola has filled this void in the market. After witnessing results coming out of his strategies, many big brands and celebrities also decided to collaborate with him and take advantage of his experience and expertise. 

With humble beginnings from Rionero, Basilicata in Italy, Nicola always aspired to be somewhat different. From a very young age, he made up his mind to be in the tech and e-commerce field; digital marketing and online PR followed later. Apart from being a successful businessman and marketing expert, Nicola is also a renowned model. He has modeled for several internationally acclaimed brands. Nicola also has a very distinct taste in music. To convey this to the common masses, he formed a band and went on performing all around the world. 

His very own online clothing store is estimated to be earning close to 200K recently. Like his music, you can feel his vibes in his clothing articles as well. These also include the accessories he introduced under the same brand. His sunglasses received some special attention from enthusiasts. 

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In the future, Nicola plans to continue with his e-commerce and marketing consultation services besides his public speaking and mentorship venture. He is now enabling young people with all the necessary expertise they need to start their online careers. From his taught skills and techniques, many millennials are earning a decent amount from the comfort of their homes. It is proving to be more helpful in COVID times since the whole world is under a lockdown. Nicola is well aware of this calamity. Hence, to contribute to society, he is enabling his fellow millennials to make a decent living despite all the economic recession the world is going through nowadays. In the end, you cannot put a limit to excellence!

Abdullah Raaj
Written By

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

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