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How Michael Walding Scaled His Bodybuilding Career to a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Michael Walding started his bodybuilding career when he was 19 years old. By 25, he was a professional, not only with 7 years of experience- but with a few certifications as well. At 30, he was a multi-millionaire thanks to his persistence in competition that overflowed into his business habits. He traveled to over 30 countries while building multiple online businesses to continue pursuing bodybuilding while he made money using his phone and laptop.


Michael shared his distress tips in an exclusive interview and how he manages himself with his tight schedule.


Health and Fitness


“Someone like me obviously needs to be healthy and fit. This is directly proportional to proper nutrition.” Said, Michael. “The pain endured and long term discipline required to be a professional bodybuilder puts me in a position to succeed at this.” He continued.


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“Good sleep is important not only to your body but also to your brain. If you sleep well and enough, you’ll be able to maintain focus and discipline.”


In the same interview, Michael shared how he avoids stressful days and burnouts during his work.


Take Breaks


Michael advised people to be taking breaks and enjoy the time they are away from work and unplug. He also said that he ensures that he keeps up with his workout routine. “I also take time with my family and friends and enjoy the parts of life that are the reason I built an online business.”

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Michael has maintained a successful habit in bodybuilding, nutrition, and business which, showing the type of discipline it takes to be successful at anything. 




Set and establish a routine and stick to it no matter the circumstances. That helps you in being disciplined. Additionally, it saves a lot of time because you do not waste time thinking about the next task.


Staying Motivated


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“That inner drive that is required to become a successful bodybuilder also applies to many other areas of my life,” he said as he continued, “When you are a professional bodybuilder, the majority of society doesn’t understand the concept or why someone would put themselves through pain and misery for so long. Bodybuilding is the pursuit of perfection that can never actually be achieved. This keeps you hungry and motivated in other areas.”


Advice to Startups


“Ignore the noise, the hate, the difficulty, the speedbumps, and anything deterring you,” he started, “just keep your nose to the grindstone, your head down, and keep working until you get what and where you want to be. Many people are working against your vision, but you need to remain focused on knowing what you want.


Jonathan Medina
Written By

Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their online presence and strategically position them to their advantage.

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