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How Los Silva Is Able To Speak On Stages All Over The World About Brand Building

Brands and branding is a trendy topic among marketers. This process outshines the competition and plays an essential role in creating customer loyalty. It is worth noting that a successful brand building process increases your sales and advocates your service or product. Los Silva helps people build strong, successful brands that stand the test of time, competitors, and people.

Los Silva is the CEO of SVG Holdings. Initially, Los was jobless besides selling in phone rooms. He started selling video projectors on eBay when he was 20 years old. From eBay, Los moved to digital marketing. He started consulting e-commerce websites before starting to work with personal brands and speaking on stages all over the world. He started speaking at small events with the mission of helping brands scale. Today, Los Silva has built multiple 7 and 8 figure companies and is a sought out speaker. He has spoken on stages alongside Tony Hawk, Ed Mylett, and many more. But how does Los Silva manage to speak on stages all over the world?

Commanding The Stage For Business Presentation

Speaking on stages about brand building has helped Los Silva build his brand. He has learned the art of communicating with presence. Los teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to leverage paid ads and social media to turn businesses into brands. He presents needle-moving content to his audience, helping them master paid advertising, social media, and business growth. Something unique is that Los provides high action material to engage his audience in a moving, memorable, and meaningful way. He leaves his audience in awe with breathtaking stories. From tears to cheers, you can anticipate a one of a kind experience when Los hits the stage.

Keeping The Event Planners Lively & Happy

Los understands the demands of putting an event together. He is mindful of his clients’ brands and always explores ways to make his job as a planner easier. One of the most excellent tools that has helped Los get featured on many exclusive stages (online and offline) is his streamlined and stress-free booking process. He meets his audience’s demand for professional communication, prompt responses, and purposeful crafted content.

The Power Of Persistence

Los Silva has a big heart. His passion to stay persistent in everything he does is what has propelled the guru to even greater heights despite many challenges. A few times, Los was broke. On many occasions, he has been stuck in cities after attending speaking events, unable to fly home. His success journey has not been a walk in the park. However, Los has been patient and persistent in overcoming his challenges. His family has also been consistent in keeping him motivated. His grateful character to his friends and family have always given him peace and kept him happy. His persistence in being open and honest are other qualities that have made him an icon in the brand-building industry. You can connect with Los Silva on Instagram or visit his website to find out more about brand building.

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Julio Martinez
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Julio Martinez is a columnist at Yolo Daily.

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