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How Liam and Adam Overcame The Odds To Achieve Success

Do you want to make content that is valuable to your prospects? Or do you want your product/service to be seen by those who count? Worry no more! LA marketing agency is at the forefront of ensuring you succeed with high achievement in your business using a variety of digital marketing techniques. This agency knows how to market products and services in a way that is best for the highest possible conversion rates. Therefore, if you want your marketing to convert and seen by the right crowd, then LA marketing agency is your #1 selection.

In the past decade, digital marketing has been taking the world by storm. It is not a secret that there has never been a better time to best reach your audience than now. Statistics have shown that by June 2018, Instagram active users hit a billion monthly active user mark. On the other hand, Facebook has surpassed a 2.6 billion monthly active user mark as of the first quarter of 2020. Moreover, Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide (Statista, 2019). LA takes advantage of these statistics and shows your business ads to a specific target market while implementing retargeting ads to maximize traffic, leads, and sales to drive your investment through the roof.

The Genesis Of LA Marketing Agency At A Glance

LA marketing agency was founded by Liam Hadall and Adam Timleck in 2017. Years leading to 2017, the duo noticed how world marketing was shifting more towards the digital era. Liam and Adam decided to grab this opportunity. Besides, these disruptors understood that there is no way a company can succeed if they do not establish their online presence. At this point, they shifted their attention to helping companies grow and develop their online presence.

In the beginning, this agency was only offering web design. However, today, it has grown to a full-service marketing agency offering six services, which include: SEO, Email marketing, Web Design, Lead Generation, PPC, and Social Media Marketing. Liam and his co-partner pride themselves for profiting over 200+ clients. Their agency ensures their Digital Marketing is A+, which in their experience, has generated new six figures in revenue for their clients in a matter of months.

How Liam and Adam Overcame The Odds To Achieve Success

Success is not something that naturally happens. You have to create it or attract it by the person you become. Likewise, for Liam and Adam, making it in the digital space was not a leisurely walk in the park. As startups, It was a significant barrier to grow their business and expand it. However, this is the case with many other startups. Statistics have shown that 90% of startups fail in their business.

With the help of mentors as well as trial and error, Liam and his friend conquered. They were able to break through the obstacles of expanding their business, which has skyrocketed them to where they are today. Besides, patience, persistence, and hard work together with proper planning, also enabled them to expand exponentially. Something else that drove them to success is their spirit to succeed. They had a motto: Win and learn or lose and learn. This motto was like fuel in their ambitions. They were able to accept that you need to be willing to take two steps backward to move four steps forward in the early phases of any business.

Why LA Is Toronto’s #1 Marketing Agency

Do you want to achieve your business goals? Well, LA is not just another digital marketing agency. The agency puts its clients and customers first and makes sure they exceed your expectations 100% of the time. The agency has an average return on investment of 7.14x and has served over 200+ customers to satisfaction.

Using a variation of marketing strategies, techniques, Ads, SEO, Web design, and more, LA will help you find your business easily on google. Liam and Adam will help you create a foolproof plan specific to your business as you watch your rankings skyrocket.

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LA’s Little Known Secret You Must Embrace

In your endeavor to achieve in your business, avoid stress and burnout by finding the right balance in life. If you love something, you need to understand that there are times to work harder than ever. However, there are also times you need to realize that mental breaks are acceptable.

Also, for you to succeed in your business, learn to fail. It indeed takes three failures to hit one home run. Failure should motivate you to work smarter and achieve your ambitions. Therefore, embrace it when it comes.

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US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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