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How Julian O’hayon Founded Blvck Paris Surpassing $500K+ a Mo. In Revenue With 450% In Annual Growth

Launching a business and watching it scale is a fulfilling thing. But how many entrepreneurs manage to reach this level? Data from the BLS shows about 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of reopening, about 45% during the first five years. However, this is not the story with Julian O’hayon.
When Julian introduced the Blvck Digital Goods in October 2020, he sold for $450,000 in the first three months. Julian also founded two lifestyle brands Blvck and white, hitting the $500K/month in revenue and 450% yearly growth. Blvck Paris’s founder has also built a successful digital Agency(Anckor) while in high school. But how did it all begin?

Julian O’hayon Background

Julian O’hayon was always interested in design and entrepreneurship. He founded his first company, a digital agency, when he was only 15. Earlier, Julian taught himself coding and web design, which was excited him, and thus made pocket money by helping other people designing their websites. By the time Julian was celebrating his 20th birthday, he had over 100 clients worldwide under his agency.
Simultaneously, Julian was doing his degree in Business Engineering at university and was very involved in the tech start-up scene. In all his projects, he honed his focus on beautiful yet minimalistic and functional design, which was his distinctive signature.

How Blvck Came to be

Julian had the secret. He started being active on social media, mostly sharing his passion for design. Launching his brand was a dream that Julian had kept for many years. However, he didn’t want to do it until he was ready and focused on the task at hand. At the end of 2017, after growing an online community of over 100k followers via his Instagram account, Julian started applying for his black stamp to household brands. Through posting images on his Instagram, Julian aimed to bring a unique and aesthetically pleasing effect by ‘blacking out’ everyday items.
Luckily, Julians designs went viral on social media, spurring an influx of followers globally with particular traction in the US and Asia. It was at this point that Julian knew he had a concept and wanted to explore it further. At the end of 2017, Blvck Paris was born out of Julian’s obsession for design and the black color.

What Has Helped Julian Scale In Revenue & Annual Growth?

    1. Returning Customer
It is the goal of every business to turn first-time customers into returning customers. A return customer is someone who once bought your product or service and has returned to make another purchase. Julian is already enjoying a 20% returning customers rate and is striving to take this number even higher.

    2. Team Work
Teamwork is very crucial in scaling your revenue and annual growth. Like the saying, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you’re going to go far, go with others. Julian has a team of sellers globally who help him achieve his goals easily. Therefore if you are thinking of quickly scale your brand or business, ensure you have a competent team trained and focussed on taking on their assigned duties without much follow-up.

   3. Have A Dream
Julian had a dream ever since he was young. He knew very well that one day his dream would come true. He became a self-made entrepreneur a few years later and sold out his first company (Movie Recommendation API) at just 22.

   4. Know Your Clients & Offer The Best Customer Service To Them
Julian works with renowned clients such as Philips, Bang & Olufsen, Huawei, StockX, and LG. He offers quality customer service to his clients. He ensures that when he is selling apparel, lifestyle accessories, and digital goods, he offers his goods and services to customer satisfaction. This customer service has boosted its customers’ loyalty. Customers always stick around for the long term.


Julian brings a new awakening in the entrepreneurship, branding, eCommerce, marketing, and design fields. He is an example to millennials who wish to join the business and increase their revenue quickly. Achieving a $500k+ monthly in revenue and over 450% in annual growth is achievable if you follow in Julian’s footsteps. For more information, you can connect to Julian on;
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IG Business:

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