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How Gulisha is moving towards setting an example and is a great source of guidance for the new social media Gen.


Gulisha Gandharv is a 21 year old Fashion model who has an immense inclination towards personal development, self improvement which includes topics like self image, self confidence, self concept and self belief and as being a psychology student and being involved in exploring the subject in her late teens, it is safe to say that she could be a reliable source of information. Apart from talking about personal development she also talks about beauty and lifestyle on her Instagram page
Her approach towards creating content is perfect example of the new gen way of blogging and writing content.What may grab your interest is when she posts instead of finding short captions on every single one of them you’d find a good amount of small paragraphs which she calls “Microblog”. These microblogs are usually inspired or related with the picture posted yet she has a quite intriguing way of putting together her personal life experiences, learnings and step wise guidelines regarding the topic being discussed.
Why she is a great example for the new social media gen if you ask, It is because by telling her own stories, experiences and short comings with a positive outlet is not something everybody can manage to do and that’s one of the reasons what makes her followers feel comforted and more human like. In her friends and followers she is known for her confidence and the way she carries herself. Young girls look up to her for being brave enough to talk about her fears, insecurity and difficulties with ease. And with that she offers the ways she had or overcomes these difficulties.
Content creators like Gulisha are now a necessity to our current as well as future generation who believe in individuality and making world a kinder place by being more open and vulnerable for the sake of helping and guiding way out for someone who may be in need.
Since the social media platforms are increasingly becoming a place for awareness and have a voice is beginning to be exploitative. In the world of unrealistic standard, disturbing news and content which may not add any value. Gulisha ‘s initiative to bring out a change should be supported so that we could actually go back to enjoying these platforms instead of being mentally distressed because of the increasing negative and overly abused privilege of expressing ones opinion.
 Follow her on instagram here @gulishagandharv
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Naresh agrawal
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i am naresh ! lives in delhi, i like to write about digital entrepreneurs & business tycoons

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