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How Growing up in a Creative Home Led Ariya Behjat to Offer Creative Solutions for Some of Today’s Biggest Companies

Thinking outside the box and getting creative in finding solutions to business challenges is vital for small and mid-sized businesses. Some people think that creativity only lies within the paintbrush of an artist or in the sculpture of an architect, but perhaps creativity can appear in more places than just a studio. In reality, creativity cannot be detained within one sector, and that’s the beauty of it. Ariya Behjat is a professional Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Industrial Designer. Through creativity, Ariya has contributed to the world of entertainment, design, branding, and product development. His career borrows heavily from how he grew up and his passion for art. 

Ariya’s Artistic Background 

From a tender age, Ariya Behjat was always into art. The practice of producing art, minimal science experiments, and assembling components, fueled his desire to learn more. But he wanted to do it on his own terms. Ariya’s parents rarely got him any toys as a child. Whenever they did, Ariya had to fight the urge to take the toy apart. He was always more interested in seeing how things worked, how various things were assembled, and why certain things were created in a specific way.

In the end, Ariya usually took his toys apart, which resulted from the lack of toys he was given. He would get bored with the toys’ main features and try to find new innovative ways for them to function. Unbeknownst to him and his parents, Ariya was developing an essential part of his personality—the part that asks the right questions and learns to identify with better clarity, the obstacles he would later face.

Growing up with Different Perspectives That Turned Passion to a Career 

Growing up in Dubai, there weren’t many places for the young to express their arts in the early 90’s, nor were there many galleries to inspire enthusiasts. Consequently, the internet became a key platform for artists to grow their careers. Given the same, Ariya kept creating and producing art through different platforms. Whether it was designing a house through an amateur digital program, calligraphy on canvas, or photography, Ariya would jump on every opportunity and presented the pieces with the best online feedback to his peers and people in his network. Doing so helped him gain a new perspective of taking design and arts seriously. “Almost as seriously as my school, if not more,” he remembers. 

Ariya also began seeing his passion for art and design as his life’s purpose. So he decided to prove to himself that art was worth his life. He began by testing to see if he could monetize some of the art he made. He first tried with the pieces that had received much online attention from his audience on Deviant Art. The moment Ariya started earning from his art, he understood the value of his work. He also got insights into how the market responds to sound quality, and how customers react emotionally to work they love.

As a result, Ariya learned how to diversify his abilities and services. For instance, he would do graphical work for some clients and rent out his drums to a significant amount of venues all over Abu Dhabi. Developing a different perspective of art from other artists plays a considerable role in the success of Axenic. Ariya and his partner, Lewk, share similar views and understandings as they are both creative artists. 

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Developing Creative Solutions from an Artistic Perspective to Grow Companies 

Ariya believes that creative solutions have a lasting impact, not only for the business that is acquiring the answers but for the whole industry, it revolves around. It is utilizing creative solutions that can open doors to Blue Ocean Strategies, hence leading to industry disruptions and tapping into new undiscovered markets. Creative solutions are inevitably crucial to the overall growth of companies.

However, there is a need to know where exactly and how creative solutions should be implemented. While serving businesses, Ariya says that his company comes across situations where there is a disconnection between story and content. “We find that most companies either have great content with an insecure brand representation or, have an empowering brand story with low-quality media and products,” Ariya says.

“Before considering any solutions, we assess the business and identify its products, to better understand the purpose of the business and not its position on the market. Based on that study, we do our best to strategize a bulletproof approach in disrupting an unidentified market creatively,” Ariya adds.

Nicole Lopez

Nicole Lopez is a Senior Staff Writer at Yolo Daily, the #1 Digital Publication For Millennial News. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she covers topics such as entertainment, business, events, culture and news. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish.


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