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How Diego Chavez Went From Magician To Motivational Speaker

Your attitude can either steer you forward or pull you backwards. The good thing is you’re in control. Having a positive outlook about things is Key to making progress in life. Whatever the circumstances, sometimes all that you need to succeed is within you.

Diego Chavez is one person who started with all odds against him. By 14 years of age, he did not like school, he did not do well in class. To make it worse, Diego suffered Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). By all chance he did not seem cut out for success. Fast forward, Diego Chavez,is now an accomplished public speaker and a coach who has turned the tides armed with the right attitude and hard work.

What inspires you?

Finding a higher purpose in life is the beginning of success. Diego Chavez started as a magician and moved on to become an accomplished public speaker. He wanted to be an inspiration to people by his magic tricks. He discovered the need to have control of his life at an early age. He aspired to help people get out of their sleeves and pursue their talents. Through his public speaking and coaching, he loved to watch people grow more confident every single day. He aspires excellent connection with people and, in the process, inspires them to succeed through public speaking and coaching. His inspiration comes from the likes of Jason Capital, Jay Jay, and Marczell Klein, who he always looked up to.

Finding growth in any area of life

People always find it hard to venture into new fields. They are concerned about potential hurdles and challenges that may come with new beginnings. Some will invest in learning, while others will seek to figure things out by themselves. Diego moved from being a magician to a highly sought-after public speaker and coaching. For someone going into a new career path, Diego advises that one should find a role model who has walked that path and how they have gone through their journeys. If someone is 30 steps ahead of you: How do they conduct themselves. For example, how do they talk and engage with their clients? And how can you do it too? What is it that you can learn from the process? All-in-all finds ways to learn from people who have done better in your field and use them to better yourself.

Overcoming everyday challenges.

The journey of an entrepreneur is never comfortable. How you overcome them is what matters. Finding support from coworkers or colleagues can turn difficult circumstances into success. You probably heard that a problem shared is a problem halved, and joy shared is joy doubled. Sharing your challenges with people who matter may offer you solutions to seemingly daunting challenges. Besides, Diego Chavez recommends that someone be able to delegate specific roles and responsibilities to focus better on what is core for success. Facing your challenges and working on them is a sure way to overcoming them.

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Hard work is everything

The world has become very competitive. There are fewer opportunities for advancing in any venture. Those that make it are those who work hard and keep at it until they get the desired results. Have your goals and tasks to accomplish every single day. Work on them as if that’s the only thing that counts. Avoid burnout with work scheduling and planning. Diego Chavez found his Talent and is working on it every day, and so should you.

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Luis Rios
Written By

US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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