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How Charlie Lazarus Has Become a Force in the Real Estate Industry

Charlie Lazarus (2020)

Meet Charlie Lazarus- elite entrepreneur and luxury real estate business owner

Charlie Lazarus, also known by many as Charlie “Hustle”, is an e-commerce expert, angel investor, and most importantly a luxury real estate business owner who redefines what it means to be dedicated. Charlie is a self-made individual who is known for his relentless work-ethic and commitment to perfection in whatever task he undertakes, whether it be closing real estate deals, managing one of his many six-figure drop shipping businesses, or adding to his impressive portfolio of angel investments.

Charlie founded his own real estate business in 2015 from scratch. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anyone to help him climb the ladder of success quickly, but Charlie wasn’t phased by this. He knew he possessed the right mindset, many valuable skills he learned in years prior, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the confidence to succeed. While studying economics at the University of Arizona a few years prior, Charlie worked for a private equity company where he learned critically important skills and gained a plethora of knowledge in the areas of finance, commercial acquisitions, and multi-family real estate. Most importantly, Charlie credits this job for making him comfortable “cold calling”, something he considers to be priceless in the real estate industry and as an entrepreneur in general.

When Charlie first began his real estate business, he knew he had very little chance of success if he didn’t give his maximum effort each and every day. Charlie wasted no time whatsoever. He quickly began conducting countless hours of “cold” outreach. He also spent many hours in relentless pursuit of open houses by means of online research and knocking on doors. If Charlie wasn’t on the phone or knocking on doors, he was constantly searching for various networking opportunities at events and social gatherings in the community. Through these consistent efforts, Charlie defied the odds and over time elevated to the top of the industry. Since 2015, Lazarus has managed to sell over $50 million worth of residential real estate, has flipped and wholesaled over 25 properties, and has done business in all areas of Southern California such as Los Angeles, Orange County, La Jolla, and Downtown San Diego.

Lazarus often emphasizes the importance of three key concepts that he states have been essential to his success- work ethic, staying ahead of the competition, and authenticity. When it comes to work ethic, Charlie explained that he never waits for an opportunity to come to him. He often identifies exactly what he needs to do to achieve a specific goal, visualizes himself doing it, and then sets out to conquer the task at hand. It’s this same go-getter mentality that eventually earned Charlie his nickname of Charlie “Hustle”. Staying ahead of the competition is something Charlie constantly strives to do. He consistently innovates marketing trends which enables him to stay at the forefront of the industry. For example, Charlie realized that prospective clients aren’t just looking to purchase a luxury house; they are looking to purchase a lifestyle. With this realization, Charlie created a marketing tool called “Social Estates” which gives prospective clients the full experience of the luxury lifestyle associated with owning a luxury home. This experience includes “day in the life” videos which highlight the lifestyle awarded from luxury real estate and consist of everything from sushi chefs and bartenders to DJ performances and luxury cars. With all of this said, the most important trait to Charlie is the ability to remain authentic at all times. He stated the following:

“I attribute a lot of my marketing success to authenticity. When people think of a real estate agent, they often think of a suit and tie; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. I always brand myself in the most genuine, authentic way possible, and people are able to make a connection with me as a direct result.”

Charlie “Hustle” aspires to empower and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, and although he knows he’s just warming up, he strives to set the standard for all entrepreneurs of the future. Aside from real estate, Charlie keeps himself busy with many projects. He recently took a stake in a rapidly growing hemp clothing company named Drihp which is poised by many to be the face of the hemp industry in 2020 and beyond. He is also heavily involved in a company by the name of Clone Connect, a hemp consulting company dedicated to solving problems in the hemp industry.

Charlie Lazarus is definitely an individual to watch out for in 2020 and beyond. With his determination and grit to build an empire of his own, we have no doubt he will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to, whether it be real estate, apparel, or anything else. We would like to wish Charlie the best in his future endeavors.

You can keep up with Charlie Lazarus on his Instagram, or on his Website.

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Philip Schulte
Written By

Philip Schulte is a published author and entrepreneur who often writes about entrepreneurial success stories. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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