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How Awwad e.awwad made Chisciotte The Brand of Future? See What Awwad e.awwad Has to Say About his Success

One of the most important parts of feeling good is to smell good, and if you have a refined sense of smell then you would surely be having a bottle of Chisciotte in your closet. Established in the recent decade, the brand has made its reputation for being an innovator among the perfume users. Fresh, unique, and appealing, these scents are way different from the already existing variety of colognes and perfumes in the market. Awwad e.awwad fulfilling his dream of revolutionizing the fashion and style world, laid the foundation of the brand in the recent decade, since then, it has won several awards and has been keenly acknowledged in many shows. One such example in this regard is the recent fashion show organized in Dubai. Chisciotte stole the show owing to its uniqueness and gender-neutral products.
The inspiration for the perfumes is derived from Awad’s influence of smelling fresh during the day and equally deep and dark in the evening. Parties, conferences, weddings, funerals, whatever the event is, Chisciotte has never disappointed its customers by making them smell fresh and unique. Born in Israel in 1983, Awad always aimed at having a brand name under his business empire, although he didn’t have any business by that time, he aimed to have one, someday. Being an equally bright student, he did quite well in academics as well and hence selected Business and Management majors in his higher studies and passed them with flying colors. Awad’s innovative touch can be felt in the brand throughout. Awad himself attributes his creative and innovative instincts to his vast experience and the ability to learn new skills quicker than others, that’s why he also regards himself as an avid self-learner. Moreover, the young entrepreneur has been around the world for work. This explains all the smart strategies and the utmost level of customer service at Chisciotte.
Awad got his inspiration for the brand name from a Spanish writer Miguel de Therpatts Sapedra. As Awad aimed at his perfumes to be a fusion of east and west, hence he named the brand Chisciotte, which translates to “a path between east and west”. Associating luxury with comfort, is what is thought to be the biggest contribution of the brand to the industry. The perfumes are not that pungent to make the wearer and the surrounding people hold their breaths and neither they are so mild that they couldn’t be felt after some time. Balance is what makes Awad’s colognes, perfumes, and toiletries unique and stand out.
Being a serial entrepreneur himself, Awad was quite aware of the fact that people will go to any extent to fulfill their desires of utmost grooming and to be a beacon of style. It was perhaps because of this reason that Awad, out of all the industries, chose fashion and design to pursue his entrepreneurial journey. Like every other successful entrepreneur out there, Awad is also trying to expand his empire by manufacturing other products like leather goods, exquisite stone jewelry, unique collectibles, and male grooming products. It is the rightful belief of Awad to include youth in the process of innovation, for they have a vast bank of ideas. That’s why he is working in collaboration with a team of young experts from Korea to make some valuable additions in his perfume line. Sooner, you will also be witnessing male grooming products, like face washes and after-shaves, from the house of Awad in the market.
As the first step of business expansion, he is going to launch his stones and jewelry brand by 2021. Primarily the inauguration is being delayed because of the social distancing protocols due to COVID-19. Moreover, he is also in the process of designing his brand-new line of shades and sunglasses and launching a band for that as well by 2022. The same essence of simplicity will be carried on in all the prodigies as well, says Awad. This is what is called excelling in all dimensions. I find Awad’s story to be very much the fulfillment of Bukowski’s quotation of “Go all the way or don’t even start!”

Abdullah Raaj
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Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

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