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Here Is Why The Tarot Industry Is Sacred: Find Out More From Jamie Clarke

Here Is Why The Tarot Industry Is Sacred: Find Out More From Jamie Clarke

Tarot card reading is termed a concept that uses unique cards( Tarot Cards) to gain insights into the past, present, and future. Historically, tarot card reading was seen as occult. However, recent development interpreted the use of tarot card reading as another form of card games. Whichever the belief may be, Tarot has stood the test of time, and in the current years we are living in, it is here to stay.

Jamie Clarke is one of the best Tarot card readers. Not only is she using it to help others, but as well as a personal life experience of how the use of the card brought about immense success and helped her through her healing Journey. 

Background Story About Jamie Clarke

Jamie was born in Atlanta but brought up in Corona, California. She is the most notable Tarot Card Reader and a lifestyle coach. She has gained her experience in two folds; first personally and through continuous practice. 

Right from her childhood, Jamie knew that she was born different. During her lower grades up to grade 3, she was the only black in a group of whites. The situation was a breeding spree to practice racism. Her experience of feeling discriminated against led her to feel alienated and not belonging to her surroundings. Due to the negative vibes and too much pressure at a young age, Jamie suffered a panic attack, clinical depression, and anxiety disorder. Conditions that were brought about by low self-esteem, abusive relationships, and feeling of unworthiness.  

Shaking off her past dark life and embracing her beautiful future unfoldings, Jamie has made significant milestones. Right from founding Soul Paradigm– a company that focuses on awakening its clients’ souls to unravel the impossible life poses. She has also been able to gain more than 1000 followers in less than 3 weeks on Tik Tok, where she talks about spirituality, manifestation tools, mental health topics, and tarot reading. She has her training from the international tarot foundation and has been able to complete several tarot courses.

Myths surrounding Tarot Practice

Many unfolding events are linked to the practice of tarot card reading. Right from the onset, the superstitious relationship has been generated associating tarot reading to be a kind of witchcraft or occult. In such a situation, you are free to believe in whatever your inner self thinks is right;

  1. The most common myth emphasizes the need to be gifted your first tarot deck, baseless support.
  2. Others specify the need to keep the cards wrapped in silk material. Although it may be necessary to some extent, wrapping them using cotton, cardboard, or placing them in a tin doesn’t affect the card reading outcome.
  3. Another version of the myth surrounds the need to keep your cards out of reach. Depending on your attributes, often, this becomes a personal decision.
  4. Others strongly advocate for thorough cleaning of the deck before and after use. Although it is a lovely ritual practice, it doesn’t contribute to the outcome of the reader. 

Many of the tarot card readers revolve their arguments on what they believe in because tarot card reading is sacred. By sacred, the readers link the cards to some holiness. To some extent, it means that the practice relates to some spiritual development and closer to some higher powers that control the universe.

Tarot cards by themselves cannot be termed as sacred. But the practice of using tarot cards is what makes them holy. As a result, you will be at free will to meditate upon the findings, write and reflect upon the message and find direction, comfort, or encouragement.

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We all believe in spirituality and certain specific rituals. Your life journey is full of messy, nonlinear, chaotic iterations that often causes some tractions to individuals and the world at large. Using tarot cards helps bring out the hidden truths and rituals that will help you affirm your commitment repeatedly. 

To get more insight on how to tap through the energy, contact Jamie through her email;[email protected]

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