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Youngest seo entrepreneur in india : Harsh shrivastava

Harsh Shrivastava says that The New Gen: Art of Digital Marketing is what sales.

Harsh Shrivastava is a young internet savvy geneZ kid who took his interest to another level. He has been one of the most detail oriented person when it comes to understanding and learning about social media platforms and what makes Harsh even convenient to work with is he’s very comprehensive way of communicating the intricacies with easy. So Harsh likes to make sure that you do know what’s taking place, how it’s taking place and why it’s taking place in your promotion, management or handling of the profile, website or application.
Harsh has allegedly worked with more than 3 major social media marketing companies. He is also a Google certified digital marketer which solely gives away the quality of knowledge and experience he attained. In the past Harsh has also managed and helped getting a renowned politicians of Madhya Pradesh verified while doing his PR in 2018.

The rapid growth of social media platforms and e-commerce has came to a point where their power and influence has become undeniable. Internet has already taken over all the traditional ways to entertainment consumption as well as marketing business. A significant amount of audience/consumers have been shifted to the internet. Televisions got replaced with video format applications, Physical Shopping got replaced by online shopping applications and home delivery services and not only these sectors education, medication, certain therapies and consultants are just a finger tap away.

Which has began a revolutionary movement in advertising industry as well. This has brought us to understand the term Digital Marketing. The basic definition of digital marketing is Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. And digital marketer is a person who are specialized in marketing businesses, products and services online. And that’s what Harsh Shrivastav has been doing for a couple of years. According to sources he has been handling two politicans social media since 2018 and is dealing with four renowned social media marketing companies. He’s working is all about digital promotion of companies celebrities & politicians along with businesses and to provide them easy services like media marketing, management of social media handles. So that they can leverage the power of social media platforms. He aims to give startup’s a bootstrap startup.

my vision is to contribute in success of small businesses via digital marketing at efficient cost! no one is doing digital marketing at the cost which is I’m doing right nowsays Harsh himself. He has understood the influence and vast sea of opportunities social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook can offer and has educated himself  thoroughly making sure to grasp the concepts and the functionings of the process. He knows alot of intricate details about how these media target there audience and wants out of there users which makes him a reliable source to be invested in. He has been a link between influencers and brands solely in the past and now he aims to benefit small businesses and services.


Naresh agrawal
Written By

i am naresh ! lives in delhi, i like to write about digital entrepreneurs & business tycoons

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