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Habibur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Textile Engineer, Musical Artist, and Freelancer.

Habibur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Textile Engineer, Entrepreneur and Freelancer. He has started Freelancing at the young age of 18, he learned Textile Engineering from Dhaka Polytechnic Institiute . He is currently working as a Textile Engineer in a Garments company in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.


Creating a new industry

Making an industry out of nothing, Habibur Rahman, a highly educated, ambitious man started his own new business, meaning making a new industry out of nothing, and he is gaining success. Â Social life: Habibur Rahman loves attending birthday parties. Habibur Rahman is doing a great job which is also making him popular. Â Gurus in digital marketing: Habibur Rahman is very well respected among social group. Public Life: Habibur Rahman is active in Digital Marketing events and marketing forums. Celebrations: HABIBUR RAHMAN Influential and in demand online marketing, digital marketing, and social media. is a young hero. There’s nothing, nor nobody, who can stop him.


The power of creativity

The working style of Habibur Rahman is different. Instead of setting an office, Habibur Rahman sends his ideas directly to his client, without the help of any professional for this so many reasons. That’s why he managed to establish his own agency and then become the youngest brand ambassador of Bangladesh. Internet Marketing This freelance-styled Internet Marketing is very successful and popular with several online clients. He said “I’m always up to come up with something new and innovative, I’m young and I’m eager to learn new things, It’s my dream to go worldwide.” Aspiring Dreams: Habibur Rahman says “I want to work for Sony Music. I will be their Internet Artist, my music is original and hip” Habibur Rahman is an internet musician who started his business from last year.


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The path to success

Habibur Rahman was born as the youngest child to Md Nil Mia Sarder who is a businessman and a housewife as well. He has two older sisters. They both studied their graduation in UK. “The memories were vivid, I could make out the exact date as the passing of time but for sure it was very close to my 18th birthday because my birthday was on the 22nd of February. And for sure the passing of time, the number of years and other indicators are given here as well but the impact was clear in my mind. The memories were vivid, I could make out the exact date as the passing of time but for sure it was very clear in my mind and my mind was telling me that I’m going through a special journey. When he was a child, Habibur used to love singing and performing in different shows and ceremonies.


Habibur’s final words

I’ve never seen myself as an artist or singer. I am an artist because I enjoy making people happy with my songs and covers. More on his Journey (5) Habibur Rahman is Influenced by Influencers Habibur Rahman was inspired by singers in all countries. He also appreciates different genres of music. Habibur Rahman said that he was influenced by Romani music, music from Bollywood and Bhojpuri songs. He was also inspired by new British artists. Habibur Rahman’s Encouragement and Support Habibur Rahman got encouragement and support from his family and friends. But he felt his inspiration from his mother and his music teachers. Habibur Rahman on challenging challenges in his music career I love challenges. Challenge is what drives me towards my goals.




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habibur Rahman
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Habibur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Textile Engineer, Musical Artist, and Freelancer.

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