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GK Tahmid’s successful Musical Artist and lyricist career

In Bangladesh’s music composers and lyricists industry, GK Tahmid is a well known name.

He has many credentials as a music composer, rock guitarist, blogger, writer, lyricist and essayist. But he feels more comfortable in his career as a music composer. The last two years he has been away from all activities but with the new year he has resumed all his activities.

GK TahmiD

GK Tahmid has successfully spread his written and composed music outside the country, starting from television programs in Bangladesh.

Life at the beginning of his career was not easy. There were many obstacles in his life. Even then he did not stop. The attempt continued. At first, however, he did not succeed. He also gave up. Later he tried again and in a new way success came in his life.

The names of some of the music he composed

1. Believe in You (2020)

2. Never Better (2020)

3. Its My Love (2021)

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4. Midnight Tour (2021)

5. See You Again (2020)

6. The Snow Said (2020)

7. Touch The Sky (2021)

8. Dream Of My Heart (2020)

9. Never Say Goodbye (2021)

10. Got You Again (2021)

Some of his composed music has been used in Bangladeshi film and some in Indian film industry.

In 2016, due to his personal problems, he moved away from the world of music composing and until 2020, he will stay away from composing music.

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In 2020, he started working as a music composer again.

It is known through secret news that he was busy writing books in these two years so he was away from everything.

His composers “Believe in You” and “It’s My Love” received special praise from the audience. That music is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers in other countries including Bangladesh.

About his career as a music composer and lyricist, he recently said, “In fact, a music composer is an art form that requires a lot of skill to do. I always try to learn new melodies. And to be a lyricist you need a lot of knowledge.I always try to know a lot of information at home and abroad. I have a passion to know a lot of desired stories.I often meet a lot of strangers and try to inform my listeners about their lifestyle, life struggles and much more. “I will do my best to make my music more lively through Chester. I think I need to learn more and I am moving towards that goal.”

GK Tahmid is equally popular as a rock guitarist. He has proved his brilliance as a lyricist. GK Tahmid came to the discussion with a musical tune titled “Never Better”.

Jasbinder Singh
Written By

I'm Jasbinder Singh From Bangladesh.

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