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Giuliano Gonzalez Serves as a Bridge Between Entrepreneurs and Podcast Hosts, Makes Business Advice Accessible to All

Giuliano Gonzalez Serves as a Bridge Between Entrepreneurs and Podcast Hosts, Makes Business Advice Accessible to All


As a young entrepreneur, Giuliano Gonzalez’s story started when he wanted to learn how to make it online. He saw the growth potential of the internet and how it can play a key role in shaping economies and creating new brands in the future. 


But as he progressed and saw many online entrepreneurs establish a successful career online, he realized that learning from them is not easy because some have the tendency to charge ridiculous amounts just to share the basics of being in business. 


This then prompted Giuliano to establish Podcast Management Solutions, a service that connects successful entrepreneurs to podcast hosts who can then convey their message of how they managed to reach the top. 


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Learning From the Entrepreneurs Via Podcast


Giuliano’s idea to start a podcast where he would interview successful people were born out of the frustration of not tapping into their knowledge and the desire to learn from them. 


Eventually, he started Millennial Success with his best friend, Justin Holland. 


Within 30 days, they had conducted 50 interviews that amassed over 5,000 downloads. From then, Giuliano started Podcast Management Solutions, where he currently manages podcasts for entrepreneurs.


By doing so, he has found a niche market that he can dominate while he impacts the lives of many by serving as the middleman for the platform and the entrepreneurs. 

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The Best Ideas Are Yours and Be Ready to Seize Opportunities 


Although Giuliano provides a platform where people can learn from established individuals, he believes that no matter what advice, the best ideas are your own.


In this life, what we consider as failures, he sees as lessons. However, he has learned that it’s all up to oneself to understand the importance of networking and value-adding. 


“Reality is, no one cares about you or business more than you. The moment you realize that you will win,” the founder of Podcast Management Solutions said. 


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He adds that to succeed in a career, one must not mind other people’s opinions and when he says ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once), Giuliano means to make the most of today, because tomorrow might never come. 


“Be present and aware that life is not as long as people think it is! When you see an opportunity, run and grab it,” Giuliano advised. 

Find out more about Giuliano Gonzalez and what he does by following his Instagram account (@giulianogonzalezau).

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US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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